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June 2, 2002

My friend Keva and I

My friend Keva and I are thinking about starting our own production company. We think that if we go buy a couple camcorders and a good laptop w/good editing software we could do it quite easily. We've worked at a TV station for a couple years and know what we're doing, so it would be pretty easy to make stuff look good. We're in the investigation stage right now, so we'll see.

June 3, 2002

Went geocaching today, found our

Went geocaching today, found our second cache. Picked up a travel bug there, I ordered some a week or so ago and they're scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Maybe we'll go hide our own cache then! Messing around on-line stumbled across WWDN and am completely enjoying it. I'm also working on an Outer Limits fanfic that I hope will turn out well. It's an idea that's been tumbling around my head for a couple months now and I'm finally getting around to trying to write the thing. I'm really hoping that it turns out well. I'm done babbling for now I think! Bye!

June 4, 2002

Went to "About a Boy"

Went to "About a Boy" today. It's really funny. Lots of wonderful one-liners. The premise is a little out there, but the writing is worth it. Actually had the day off from work today! Amazing! I swear I've been working 6 or 7 days a week for the last 4 months. I'm getting very tired! I'm leaving now, bye!

I'm having issues getting this

I'm having issues getting this to work right, so I'm writing a test post to see if it works! Ignore this!

Another Test Post!

Another Test Post!

Ack! I'm having issues getting

Ack! I'm having issues getting my archive working!

I'm tired! It's too early

I'm tired! It's too early in the morning!

June 6, 2002

I'm making progress on getting

I'm making progress on getting this thing to work right, slow but sure right? Going geocaching tomorrow. Found a really interesting cache tonight that we'll be going after. It's a fair ways away, but it looks like it's definitely worth it. I'm hoping that I can get my archive working and hopefully figure out how to get a comments pages working.

June 7, 2002

Still trying to get the

Still trying to get the archive to work right. Not having a whole lot of luck. SNL is on Comedy Central right now and it's really stupid, but I'm feeling too lazy to get up and find the remote. How pathetic is that?!? I'm very tired and should really go to bed. I'm having a really lousy day, I missed my meds for a couple days, and I'm VERY tired and don't really want to do much of anything at all. Oh well, I'll make one more attempt at getting the archive to work, and then I think I'm going to give up and go to bed!

I think I may have

I think I may have just gotten my archive to work! Yeah!

OK, I've got the archive

OK, I've got the archive working, now the next goal is to get some kind of comments page working.

I just bought a new

I just bought a new camera! It's a really nice Kodak digital one, it was way more money than I should have been spending, but I'm kinda in impulse spending mode and was ignoring the common sense things. I'm hoping to get my comments pages working tonight. I'm making progress! Yeah! I need to go do actual work now I suppose. Bye

I've got comments! They're a

I've got comments! They're a little bit bizarre looking right now, but they're there! I'm hoping to get them fixed and looking the way I want over the weekend. I get to go home and go to bed now!

June 8, 2002

Sitting at work, hockey just

Sitting at work, hockey just went into overtime, so we're waiting for that to finish before we can do the news. Fun Fun. Spent a lot of time playing with my new camera today, it has SO many cool features. I'm enjoying playing with it a lot. I should really go deal with something now.

June 9, 2002

The hockey game that wouldn't

The hockey game that wouldn't end, ended (Sports Night!) But it was so late that they cancelled the news! Oh well. Silly link warning. This is goofy, but a lot of fun. Enjoy!

I'm spending the afternoon fighting

I'm spending the afternoon fighting with my comments pages. I think I may have just succeeded, but I'm not sure. I'll have to poke around some more before I know for sure.

Yeah! I now have a

Yeah! I now have a blog with working archives and comment pages! Whoo Hoo! Now to the rest of the site!

Sitting at Work Being Bored

Sitting at Work
Being Bored
Eating my Burger King
Being Bored
It's a whopper value meal w/a coke, McDonalds fries are better, but I really wanted a whopper so... I'm stuck with BK fries!
Being Bored
Maybe I should work?
Or I could just sit here and continue to stall and mess around on-line!
I like that last option best, I think I'll do that!

Ack! My template doesn't match

Ack! My template doesn't match my site! I just changed my template a little bit, and then went to my site make sure it did what I wanted. It wasn't quite right, so I went back to the template to try and fix it. But the template is the same as it was before I changed anything! I'm so confused!

Test posting again! I swear

Test posting again! I swear I do more test posts, than real ones!

June 11, 2002

I have tomorrow off! OK,

I have tomorrow off! OK, so technically it's today at this point, but I haven't gone to bed yet. So it's still Monday as far as I'm concerned! I am so SICK of working 6/7 days a week, every week. I want some staff so I can take a break! OK, I'm done complaining. At least for now!

June 13, 2002

I'm trying to get a

I'm trying to get a photo album up and working on this site, it's being a little bit of a pain to upload it. Hopefully, I'll figure it out and get it working soon!

My front page is fixed,

My front page is fixed, but now my archives aren't working!

OK, Archives fixed. Now I

OK, Archives fixed. Now I just have to get the Photo Album working. I'm making progress tho'.

I think I may have

I think I may have gotten my photo album working, but when I published it my blog went away! Ack! Hopefully publishing this will fix that problem. I hope :)

It Works!!!!! My blog, archives,

It Works!!!!! My blog, archives, and photo album are all working. As far as I can tell none of the links are broken and nothing weird happens. Yeah! OK, I'm excited. But my website is finally working right. I can be excited about that right?

June 14, 2002

Go Red Wings! They won

Go Red Wings! They won the Stanley Cup! Yeah!

I'm sick of dealing with

I'm sick of dealing with Captain Crabby-Pants! Do your job and stop complaining! You aren't the smartest person in the universe, much as you'd like to think so. Allow other people to make mistakes now and then, you make enuf of them yourself. Stop messing around and just do your stinking job. OK, I'm done ranting (at least for now). Payday today! But... that also means I have to pay bills. That's no fun. What can you do, they must be paid whether I want to or not. At this point I'm just bored and rambling to myself. Maybe I'll go babble to myself somewhere else for a while. Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

June 16, 2002

OK, Captain Crabby-Pants is at

OK, Captain Crabby-Pants is at it again. He is SOOOO annoying! I actually yelled at him today, first time ever. But, he deserved it. Watching Harry Potter for the millionth time. My room-mate (IWantToBelieve) loves it and bought it the day it came out (the DVD). So, while sitting in the living room checking e-mail I keep being subjected to it! It's an OK movie I guess, but not one that I was ever planning on seeing.

Farscape Season 2 V.1 comes out on the 25th! Yeah!
ST:TNG Season 3 on July 2nd!
the Next Left Behind book also on July 2nd!

Lots o' big purchases ahead for me. Although, right now I'd really just like a fan. Our upstairs gets so hot! I think I'm done babbling for now!

Put some more pics in

Put some more pics in the photo album. Our cache was leaking so we had to go back to Colfax to retrieve it and waterproof it. When we took it back I took a couple more pictures. I'm trying to modify my front page to put my links on a different background. But every time I try I end up with an extra column instead of a divided column. I'm going to get my dad to help me when he gets home from Taiwan. He knows how to do that stuff a LOT better than I do. I'm slowly remembering what I learned about HTML years ago, but have forgotten most of it.

I found 5 geocaches in

I found 5 geocaches in Taiwan. Two are real, and three are the go to the spot and answer a question type. My parents are there right now on business, I think I should send them to find one of them! That would be cool! I was going to post something interesting here, and I've plum forgotten what it was!

I found some older pictures of my kitty Ebony (go look in the photo album if you're curious) and am planning on scanning and posting them. They're pics of him when he was just a little guy.

Bunches of people went to the cache that IWTB and I hid. At least 4 people so far and it's only been a couple days. We'll probably be able to go again on Tuesday, because I actually have a day off work and IWTB doesn't have to be to work until later. So that should be fun.

I'm being horribly rambling today, but I think I was going to post something related to the receipie (ok, I know I'm spelling that completely wrong, but I just can't get it to look right!) I saw on Gretchen's blog. But I can't for the life of me remember what it was!

I have to deal w/Captain Crabby Pants again tomorrow. I am NOT looking forward to that! Maybe he'll behave himself. I can dream right? I think I'm done rambling for now. But, you never know. I may feel like rambling again later.

June 17, 2002

Stuck at work. Have to

Stuck at work. Have to finish dubs of a show so that the copies can be sent to 12 different cities/markets tomorrow morning. So, I'm sitting here with my partner in crime I.W.T.B. and we're waiting for them all to finish so that we can put commercials on them. So exciting I know. Tomorrow is my day off for the week. I can SLEEP!!!!! Next week I managed to finagle two days off. One for my birthday, and the other for my cousin's wedding shower. First time I've had two days off in one week for more than 3 months! I'm a little bit excited about that let me tell you!

I've kinda been toying around with the idea of taking a class in the fall. I don't really know what, but something. Maybe in the Cities at SPTC. They have terping classes. But that means taking a day off work every week. That is next to impossible! But, maybe I'll be lucky and can figure something out. I don't know.

New manager type at work. I'm not sure exactly what I think about that yet. It was his first day today, and I'm not sure what all he's going to want to change. I know already that he's going to be taking a lot of the responsiblities that I really enjoy away from me. That kinda upsets me. But maybe it'll be OK, I don't really know yet. Up-Chuck is reponsible for a lot of the bad changes I know, but that doesn't make it any easier for me to accept them. I just desperately want a break!

I should really stop whining sometime here! I think I'm done babbling for now! But you never know..... ;)

June 18, 2002

Day off! Yeah! Watching TechTV,

Day off! Yeah! Watching TechTV, playing Snood. I'm probably going to go shopping at some point this evening. My VCR died, so I need a new one. Also, I really want a large fan. We have A/C in our appartment, but it doesn't work very well, and I'm ALWAYS hot. So, a large fan would help deal with that problem. Got a new (sorta) washer and dryer today. They're used, but the guy came and installed them for us, and guarantes them for 6 months. The guy buys old washers/dryers and refurbishes them and then sells them. Less than $200 for both! So, now I don't have to go home to do my laundry. How nice and convenient.

Uploaded some pics to Geocaching.com finally. They've been sitting in my 'puter for at least a week and I just haven't gotten to it. Finally uploaded them today.

Done babbling for now, off to the store I think.

June 19, 2002

Up-Chuck makes me mad. He

Up-Chuck makes me mad. He has no concept of how hard all of us underlings are working and he seems to think that him coming in and saying "oh, we'll have to fix that" suddenly makes it all better. He's not going to fix it. Everything is going to stay the same or get worse. I'm already losing two of my shows. That really annoys me. I've been busting my but for those 3 shows since November, and now he's just going to take away two of them, without so much as a thank you. I'm feeling a little bit hopeless lately. Like it's not worth it for me to continue working so hard if I'm going to continue to get screwed on a regular basis.

I was promises a "substantial" raise as of June 1st. June rolls around and oops, sorry, no raise for you! Never mind that I don't sleep, I'm here 6/7 days a week. And I do EVERYTHING that's asked of me and more! I'm just so sick and tired of it. I think I'm done for now, I'm just so sick of it and I don't really know what to do. I feel like I'm losing what little control, not to mention happiness, that I had.

I wish someone would just swoop in and fix everything! OK, I'm done. Maybe more later, it will depend on how annoyed I am later on tonight!

June 20, 2002

All I did was try

All I did was try to add a few more pics to my photo album, and when I uploaded it, everything went all wiggy. It works exactly right on my 'puter, but when I look at it on the website, it's all messed up! Ack! I've tried re-publishing it I don't know how many times and nothing is working. I'm getting very frustrated! I'm going to give up now tho', I have to get up in the morning, so I should really go to bed here sometime soon.

So we were planning on

So we were planning on going Geocaching this morning. But I REALLY wanted to sleep. So we didn't go. Now I'm just annoyed that my photo album isn't working. I have no idea what's wrong with the silly thing. I'm afraid I may have to completely rebuild the silly thing and start over from scratch! I don't want to do that at all. That'll just take way too long. I've found a fanfic writer that I've been reading and I like her stuff. So far it's been really good. I should really go do some work now, that is the reason I'm here after all!

June 21, 2002

I'm getting very frustrated. I

I'm getting very frustrated. I can't get my photo album to work again. It was fine, and now it's so totally messed up it isn't even funny. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing is working! ACK!!! Help!!!

ACK!! In a last ditch

ACK!! In a last ditch effort, I deleted ALL of my photo album off my site, and re-uploaded it. It didn't work! It's still as messed up as it ever was! I'm so frustrated!

June 22, 2002

Trying something new with the

Trying something new with the photo album, I gave up on FrontPage completely. I found some freeware that gives an html template for photo albums, letting you access ALL the html so you can do exactly what you want w/it. Uploading a basic version now, I want to make sure it works before I spend a ton of time making it look right. Cross your fingers!

Goofball!! You know who you

Goofball!! You know who you are!!

It works! The Photo Album

It works!
The Photo Album is back up and running. I tried to compress them so that the big pics don't take quite as long to load, but some are still a tad large. Be patient, it really does work! Yeah!! I'm excited, all of my frustrations with the silly thing are over! Whoo Hooo!

OK, I'm a little bit excited. But can you blame me? I've been fighting with the stupid thing for days! However, it is now WAY too early in the morning and I should really go to bed now. G'Night!

June 23, 2002

Happy Birthday Hannah Lynn! Friend

Happy Birthday Hannah Lynn!

Friend of a Friend just had her baby! It's a friend of I Want To Believe. Hannah was born on Wednesday and she's very premature, about 25 weeks. She's 1 pd 12 ozs and 13 inches long. From what I hear she's actually doing pretty well. Mom is fine as well. But, very early... keep her in your prayers! IWTB went to visit today, they're at a hospital about an hour and a half from here that has a very good N-ICU. If IWTB comes back with any pics I'll try and post them.

June 25, 2002

At work, and I should

At work, and I should be working, but I've just spent the last hour and a half reading my e-mail and checking blogs.

I've figured out part of what's been bugging me about our new manager-type. Not that it changes anything, but at least I'm starting to figure out why I'm so frustrated. I constantly get the feeling from him that he thinks he's rescuing (sp?) us from this manager-less abyss. We've been just fine without one for the last 2 and a half/3 months. And before that for another 4 months when we had an incompetant one and just went around him for everything. There have been technical things that I've been pushing for for over a year that I've been told can't/won't happen. For example... being able to record director track, consistent scripting/interactions between crew & "talent" (notice the quotes please!) But now the second he walks in everything is happening. People are bending over backward to do the things I've been asking for for months! I know that it's 'cuz I'm a chick and that really frustrates me! I feel like I'm being relegated to second-class citizen after I've kept this place running since November.

I'm sorry to make anyone out there listen to me complain, but I really need to get some of this off my chest. I'm just really frustrated and don't know what to do and this is a safe place to blow off some steam.

I think I'd sleep for

I think I'd sleep for a week right now if I could. I only slept for maybe an hour last night when the phone rang and oops, time to go to work! I'm practically asleep sitting here. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

So tired! I still haven't

So tired! I still haven't slept. I still have a show to direct and I feel like I could fall over right now. Please can't I just go to bed? Just finished reading a fanfic that took me a week to finish. Very long. But, it was good. I didn't particularly care for the fate of the parrot, but other than that it was quite enjoyable. It was even for a show I'm not all that into. Very well written. I deperately need sleep, but I can't have any for at least 2 more hours. Wow, I'm really rambly today. I think the lack of sleep is affecting my higher functions. I kinda have a soft spot for those parrots. I see anything bad happening to them and my heart just breaks. More than with any other animal, although it does happen w/other animals too, but not to the same extent. I'm very random today! Kinda like my mind! Gotta go do work. Bye

June 27, 2002

Hey all! OK, really there's

Hey all! OK, really there's not a lot of people to constitute the "all", but I can dream right? It was my birthday yesterday! I got a personal size George Foreman grill from my parents and some meat to cook on it, and a new outfit for my cousin's wedding. My brother got me a present that "is still in a store & hasn't been paid for yet" (It was a card) And I.W.T.B. got me a cooler for our geocaching exploits, that she decorated and a new beach towel & a couple beanie babies! And added bonus... I didn't have to work!

On the work subject, went to talk to the new manager-type today about a couple minor things and ended up dissolving into tears (ack! dang my female genes!) and telling him everything about my recent frustrations. I don't think it's really going to do anything, but at least he knows how upset I am!

A couple pics of baby Hannah should be posted soon. I.W.T.B. came back from Marshfield w/a couple, so I just need to scan them and then upload away! I also have some cool pics from a thunderstorm we had the other day. Once I get those good to go they'll be joining the album too.

I think that's it for now! Happy Blogging!

June 28, 2002

I have a Hannah pic!

I have a Hannah pic! It's at the very bottom of the photo album. She's so little!

Are you ready for this????

Are you ready for this????

I have the next two days off! Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding shower so I'm going to be busy all day, but Sunday I'm just off. I don't have a clue what I'm going to do with myself! Of course if Saturday goes really badly at work I will come in and make sure that Sunday goes well.

Also work related. we beat the Evil Empire in the ratings for May sweeps! Whoo Hoo! For Adults 25-59 in Eau Claire County (our main coverage area) we kicked their buts! And that's with ABC's rating sucking & NBC's being good which results in us getting almost no lead in. So people are choosing to watch us. OK, I'm done now. I need to go mark scripts.

Oh wait, one more thing. Checking other people's blog's today and saw a really cool post about conditioning and how it relates to fanfic writers. It made me think and I just thought it was really good! Here's the link.

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