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I need to share a

I need to share a silly story...

I was shopping with my mom and while I was trying on a few things she went to get more stuff. She came into the dressing room carrying a pair of pants. You have to understand that I'm very short. Every pair of pants I've ever owned has had to be hemmed. My jeans have a 4 or 5 inch cuff folded into them because I don't want to deal with hemming them. So... back in the dressing room. I pulled on the pair of pants she had brought in and they fit!!! They were just the right length! I said (quite excited) "Wow! and they don't need to be altered!" At which point my mother started laughing. I really didn't understand why pants fitting me was so funny until she said... "They're capris."

OK, stop laughing! Really... stop it.... I know you're rolling on the floor. Get up, stop laughing... Hey, no giggling either!

So, we bought two pair in different colors and I have pants that didn't need to be altered! Short people everywhere will understand my excitement.

Short People Unite!

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