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I'm trying another one of

I'm trying another one of these once a week things. This one is called Saturday Scruples. Here goes...

1. A disgruntled worker is brandishing an automatic weapon. You're near a door. If you try to warn others you may not escape. Do you save yourself? No (I hope). I obviously don't know what I would actually do in the situation, but I would hope that I would warn other people. I know what will happen to me after I die, and that doesn't scare me, so I think it would be more important to try and help the other people.

2. You're buying a house from a sweet old lady. Her price is well below market value. Do you tell her? Yes. (Again I hope) I've never had that kind of money, but I hope I'd do the right thing and tell her. Besides, if she's so sweet, maybe she'll leave it!

3. Your five-year-old is angry and kicks you in the shins. Do you administer a sound spanking? Yes. By that age, a kid should know that hitting/punching/kicking is wrong. A little pain (not a lot) of their own ought to help. I was spanked and it didn't mess me up, and I think that if used in extreme moderation it is just fine.

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