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I am dreading the thought of packing everything again. I know I have a month, but it's such an ordeal. And once you get everything out, you still have to clean the place thoroughly. Yikes! Time is such a precious commodity too. I almost always work a 6 day week leaving just one day off (I probably didn't need to say that, we all past 2nd grade math right?) I realize I can do some packing on days that I work too, but that's always really hard for me. I get home from work and just want to relax for an hour and then go to bed.

I'll figure it out tho', of course I really don't have an option on that one. I HAVE to figure it out.

I do really like my new place. It's quite a bit smaller, but it's just going to be me and Dolce and we don't need a ton of space. It's the back part of a husband & wife's house. So, I have two floors which is pretty cool. The upstairs is really more of a loft style room, that's the bedroom. There's hardwood floors up there, & an A/C which is very important as I HATE being hot. It's pretty big which is nice of course. The downstairs is a living room/kitchen combo. I think I'm going to be able to screen the kitchen off so it won't be the focal point of the living room. The bathroom is also downstairs, it has a nice big tub which will be really nice. I've been missing soaking in the tub!

I'm thinking about starting a part of my site like Save Karyn's. My debt is out of control and I think that having it out in public might help keep me honest about it. Plus, there'd be the link staring at me every time I go blogging and I'd think about it. I dunno, maybe it isn't a good idea, but it can't hurt right?

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