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I just added a bunch of links over in the "Places I Lurk" area. Some are places I've visited before and was just too lazy to add to the list. Others are somewhat new to me but were found mostly through Common Threads. Melyssa has a birdie that looks a lot like my Dolce! He's a green-cheek, where Dolce is a maroon-bellied. Very similar, and VERY cute!

I really need to update my photo album. OK, how many times have I said that in the last week? I have new pics of Dolce & the kitties, plus my cousin's wedding shower & wedding. The ones I really need to do are the ones from an outing with the family to a local river. 4/5 year old cousins are such fun! I really will get around to doing that at some point, honest. Probably about the same time I get around to packing! (IWTB, I can see you laughing, stop that!)

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