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Fan Fiction

There is a really cool article about fanfic here. It's all about an author's feeling about their first fic. The evolution of an author must be a really interesting thing to watch/notice happen. I'm in the process of writing my first fic (it's Outer Limits if anyone's interested), it's been very slow going, but there was this plot idea in my head that just wouldn't go away, and since no one else has done anything with it... I decided I had to! I've seen other people call that a plot bunny. So I guess I've got one mother jumping big plot bunny in my head!

The only thing I've done so far that's actually been posted is my contributions to Common Threads. It's just a different creative output. I have to say the feedback is very addictive.

I have to go do work now, it's such fun dealing with equipment that sorta works some of the time. Lightning is so beautiful and yet SOOOOO very destructive! I just want my Deko back! (graphics computer) Maybe I'll actually work on my fic tonight! Or maybe I'll sleep, that's been kinda falling by the wayside lately. Work has consumed everything; sleep & other leisure activities (he he, I used the word leisure!) have been completely shoved aside.

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