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Major problems at work today. Apparently there was a lightning strike either at or very near the building last night about 12:56 a.m. Which shall be referred to as the "12:56 incident". EVERYTHING went down, some of it is starting to get back to working, but a lot is still fried. If you don't know me, I work at a TV station, so... both weather computers went down, one of them was actually smoking when the first engineer got in this morning. So, no weather graphics. The computer that generates all our news/sports graphics is dead. So, no graphics, no keys (the line at the bottom of the screen with a name or location or information on it), no scoreboards, no nothing. The cameras are robotic and the controller is fried. So, the cameras have to be manually moved into position and then are stuck wherever they are. So, limited camera shots. The headsets aren't working, so I (the director) have to shout at my crew instead of just talking like a normal person. The system where we get all our video is down. The phones aren't working. We have cables running everywhere, engineers running around, it's madness I tell you! Madness!

Speaking of which, I have to go figure out if I can do a graphic through a different computer. One that kinda works as opposed to the one that completely doesn't work! Wish me Luck!

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