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Power, (sorta)

Well, things are slowly getting fixed at work. The monitors are all looking normal again, and the phones work, one of the weather computers is working again, but the line where it gets it's information is down, so it can't do a lot yet. Cameras are still messed up, as are... the board, graphics computer, news wires, headsets, tape decks... It's been an interesting couple of days. When I finally went home after being up for 24 hours I crashed and slept like a log for 10 hours straight. I don't think I even moved. Back at work now, and hoping that the football game (It's Monday Night Football time again!) takes a long time so that I have more time to work. We have to put together Northland so that all the dubs can go out tomorrow, and that will be interesting because all of the equipment is in various states of disarray. So, I should really stop messing around on-line and go do some work! I think I'll do that.

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