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I haven't posted for a couple days, as I haven't felt motivated enuf' to actually do anything! I have a load of pics I need to sort through and upload, and I need to make my first post to Common Threads, and that involves figuring out the format that's used over there. I also need to start packing for the big move... I think I've said something about packing just about every post for the past week, and I have yet to actually do any packing.

I've been having really odd dreams the last couple nights. When I've actually been able to sleep. They're things that could happen in real life. Last night I had one about running out of checks. How weird is that? I had a dream about running out of checks. Then today I was going to go buy myself some dinner and I thought "Oh No! I don't have any checks. I'll have to go home and get more checks before I can go get dinner." Then when I looked in my checkbook I had plenty of checks. Very strange.

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