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Stupid People Make Me Laugh

I was driving to work and I saw something that amazed me, so I thought I should share!

There was a car stalled/stopped on the side of the road (busy one, speed limit is 45) apparently the guy had run out of gas because he had one of those plastic gas cans that hold one or two gallons. So, he's putting gas in his tank from this plastic thing and he's smoking! There's a reason you're not supposed to have a cigarette near an OPEN GAS CAN! It's a good way to blow yourself up! Sometimes people's lack of common sense amazes me.

And, just for good measure, something not stupid people related... I'm almost moved out of my current place. Still have some work to do tonight, but the first half of moving is almost done. Yeah! Unfortunately I have to wait a week before I can get internet hooked up at my new place. Ack! Another week without access at home :( very annoying.

I am pleased to report that the counter seems to work. So far it's only counted me, but if someone else shows up hopefully it'll count them too!

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