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The Deluge

On Wednesday we got a ton of rain in just an hour or so. So... roads flooded, as did our parking lot and frontage road at work. I took a bunch of pictures and just finished uploading them to the Photo Album. Go check it out, it's really amazing how high the water got.

Also... today my friend Keva, otherwise known as I Want to Believe, and I got to go up in a C-130 plane with the Navy Leap Frogs. They didn't jump because it was too cloudy and the ceiling was too low, but they opened the back and we got too look out ane everything. It was SO COOL!!!!! I took a bunch of pictures, but I haven't finished getting those ready to upload so you'll just have to wait for another day or two.

We have a Deko that works!!!! Our rental Deko (graphics computer) arrived at work today and it works! and it talks with all the other computers! YEAHHHH!!!!!!! OK, maybe a little excessive, but I'm very excited that we have the Deko back. It makes my life so much easier. (at work anyway!) We are slowly recovering from our lightning strike, it's been rough, but we're getting there.

I'm going to go do errands now, then maybe I'll do something mildly productive, or maybe I'll play FreeCell. That's productive right?

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