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The Notebook Edition

I'm doing a Thursday Threesome! It's been a while since I've done any of these weekly deals, but in catching up with everything on-line I decided to do one. So here goes...

Onesome. Small. Is it a small world? In how many miles of space do you live your life?Um... way too deep answer: sometimes the world in which I live seems very small (like now when I'm practically living at work and THAT'S IT), and other times very large (like when I'm looking at another galaxy in a telescope). And the much too concrete answer: most of the time I'm within about 5 miles of everything else I ever do. Sometimes (maybe once a month or so) I venture as far as 90 miles away, quite the adventure...

Twosome. Spiral. Ever felt as if you were on a downward spiral? How did you pull out of it? YES! I've strugled with depression for quite a few years and now know what that feels like. I've learned to know when I'm starting to slip. I've never fallen quite as far as when I was first diagnosed, but I've gotten close. As far as pulling out of it... I don't know. Sometimes a hug from someone that loves me is enough. Other times there are extra meds involved. One never knows until it's happening.

Threesome. Notebook. Notebooks and pens and crayons and glue...when you think about school supplies, what do you most remember? Shopping for them! That was always my favorite part of going back to school. All those nice new notebooks and folders and pencils and pens and... I could go on and on. For some reason I've always really enjoyed office supply stores. School supply shopping was always a wonderful excuse to go and then actually buy stuff.

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