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March 2, 2003

I'm Back

I convinced Syn to direct all three shows for me on Friday. We switched it up so I just did tapes, I was there, but doing something that didn't require any real effort or brain power. We joke that a monkey could do tapes and that isn't much of an exageration! I did absolutely nothing on Saturday, just watched TV, slept, and read a book. It felt wonderful.

So today I'm having one more lazy day before I go back to being a functioning member of society. After FIVE DAYS of non-stop girl issues they seem to finally be going away. Cis... every time? really? How do you deal with that!?!?!?

I've done almost no blog reading the past couple days so I've mostly been spending my time today catching up on what everybody's been up to.

In other news... I now have some weird dry itchy skin thing happening on the back of my hands and onto the backs of my fingers. It's really weird and quite annoying!


Syd & Vaughn are so cute! Skating around on the ice. I'm very glad they finally get to be together.

Marshall cracks me up!

Will! What are you doing!?!?!?! Don't tell the Francie clone that!

Phew! It was just a dream.

NOOOOO! Bad Francie clone! Don't do that to Will! When he finds out he's going to feel all guilty and horrible.

I KNEW she was up to something!

For Syn

Click this link trust me, you'll like it.

Happy Dance

Geekgrl said to blog something that made us happy this weekend...

I'm happy because I just got an e-mail from the Cirque Club and their new show Varekai is going to be in Chicago soon! Woot! That's a 5 hour drive from here, but totally worth it.

Link from Robyn

March 3, 2003

I'm a What?

Apparently I'm an insignificant microbe. That's what happens when you don't have any inbound links!

Another Good Idea

From Michele. She's collecting money to buy CD's for the troops. It's up over $2,000 in just a few days! It's amazing what can happen on-line for a good cause. So go check it out and toss a few bucks her way if you can.

Sad News

I got an e-mail from Diane that Shawn Dale Barnett passed away on February 23. I hadn't heard of him before that, but in doing some digging I found out that he's a very well known Deaf musician. Well known in both Deaf and hearing communities. I'm not into heavy/hard music which is probably why I hadn't heard of him.

He toured with REO SpeedWagon, Nirvana, and Skid Row among others, and was the drummer for the first version of Alice-n-Chains. He had a top 10 hit on MTV, #7 on the Billboard charts.

The world has lost an amazing man.

(I can't find a link to a news article, otherwise I'd add a link!)

New Stuff

Couple new pictures in the PhotoBlog.

Work Place Happenings

Two people had their windshields bashed in in the parking lot at work tonight! Very strange. They were parked next to each other and it looks like whomever it was was planning to do the whole lot but was scared away by the garage door opening. Someone went out to smoke and couldn't see the lot so didn't see anyone in the act, but the noise probably scared whomever it was away.

Apparently there were a couple of cars stolen from the lot of the car dealership across the street a few days ago.

Very weird part? Syn usually parks in the exact spot where the cars were bashed. Luckily that part of the lot was full when she got to work today so she parked somewhere else. Otherwise her car would have almost definately been one of the vandalised ones.

Very freaky!

For a couple weeks now we've also had some freak calling and harrassing our weekend weather chick. This guy just got out of jail for all kinds of nasty things and has decided to take an interest in her. She doesn't answer the phone on weekends any more.

Strange stuff happening at my place of employment lately!

Scanner Traffic

Someone just tried to steal a lawn ornament...
Said lawn ornament will be of the gnome variety...

March 4, 2003


For Jason to show up on CFH. Even if he isn't talking about the amazing Blogrolling. And if you aren't using Blogrolling... why not! And why aren't you pinging Weblogs.com?

Just sitting here waiting for 2 o'clock...

March 5, 2003

I Believe

If I believe that I could do anything,
Could I spread my wings and say goodbye
So many people told me I couldn't win
But look at me now
Here I am in heaven's sky
And sometimes I say a prayer
Wishing that you could be here with me 'cause I believe

I believe in love, it's the best of everything
I believe in hope and the changes it can bring
If you believe then nothing can stand in your way
Just say, I believe

If hope's the house I wanna be living in
Baby, I've got one foot in the door
Yes I do
All the years of waiting for your approval dear
Well I realized I don't need it anymore

'Cause I'm stronger everyday,
Now I'm strong enough to say, I believe

I believe in love, it's the best of everything
I believe in hope and the changes it can bring
If you believe then nothing can stand in your way
I believe

It's a fact of life that we're all in the game
But it's still your call
But we all play it
Sometimes we win, sometimes we fall
But that's no reason just to give it up, cause after all
If you can't choose what to be
You can choose what to dream
And I believe

I believe in love, it's the best of everything
I believe in hope and the changes it can bring
If you believe then nothing can stand in your way
Just say, I believe

- Stephen Gately

Something Funny & Something Decided

I have decided to declare bankruptcy. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to hand over my $250 retainer and get the paperwork started. Now that I've made the decision and am about to get this all started I feel quite relieved. I'm finally on the way to getting rid of my insane debt problem. I still have a few months until I'm completely finished with the whole process, but just knowing that I'm on the way to an end feels wonderful.

And now for something funny...
Squish a Terrorist!

Link from SweetSurprise

March 6, 2003


Tuesday morning I took my parents to the airport. They're on their way to Tchad. (That's in Africa if anyone's wondering) This in and of itself isn't that strange. They work with missionaries and travel all over the world. They go to Peru for a month every year, spend time in Papua New Guinea regularly, travel to Japan and Taiwan, stay with people in Poland and Albania. Then there's Ecuador, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Cameroon, and a couple other countries that I can't talk about here.

So, taking my parents to the airport (and picking them up from them) is pretty normal for me. I could probably drive to the airport in my sleep.

Back to my point... they're going to be in Tchad for the next two weeks. Normally I don't really worry about them when they're gone. They know how to be safe, they're careful. What has me a little more nervous than normal right now is that Tchad is a very heavily Muslim country. I'm not concerned about anyone bombing them. Its a very poor country, there's nothing there, no reason to bomb them. What I am worried about is that if something happens with Iraq and Muslims in general get all pissed off at Americans... What if the nationals in Tchad get upset? There's no money for things like guns or bombs, but there's nothing to prevent people from picking up sticks and rocks.

I keep telling myself that everything will be OK, but I'm still more nervous than normal. So I would appreciate any prayers, mojo, or just good thoughts that anyone can send their way.

Thank You

Lock Her Up!

What happens when Barbie has a nervous breakdown? Why she goes to Bellvue of course!

Link from anything but ordinary


Heidi is driving me nuts! She thinks she's so smart and has everyone figured out. And not liking you has nothing to do with you having a "good body"! Those three young ones are just really annoying.

Joanna is annoying too, but not as much as the three little skinny things.

8:15 I would play sooooo hard for that Coke! I swear I live on that stuff.

8:20 Maybe you feel like a blubbering idiot because you're blubbering instead of getting something done. I understand the concept of depression better than most. I've been medicated for it for the past six years, I understand feeling like you just can't go on. But what she was experiencing wasn't the same thing. After 10 days she can't handle it?

8:27 They're singing now? Yikes!

8:31 Those are nasty looking fish! And when Matthew did that biting thing he kinda looked like one. I wonder what piranha tastes like?

8:35 Drat! I hope they get rid of one of those annoying skinny things.

8:47 If it couldn't be one of the annoying skinny things I'm glad it was Joanna. Sure she's strong, but she needs to learn when to shut her mouth.

8:52 Grow up you stupid boy!

March 7, 2003

Theme Thursday

My Theme Thursday entry is up in my PhotoBlog. Something to look forward to...

Call for Puppies!

Sprocket is on CFH! Such a cute puppy those Pirillos have.

March 8, 2003

Getting my Geek On!

I've spent the last couple hours messing with my best bud Syn's website. I've been working on converting her from Blogger to Moveable Type. After quite a bit of messing around I've got it up and running. It's one of the basic styles right now, that'll be changing eventually. I'm going to add a couple hacks that I know she'll like/want and then after that it's all up to her!

Go say hi, I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Did It Work?

I'm hoping that I just upgraded to MT 2.63 and I'm hoping that nothing got all messed up because of it!

Update: It mostly worked but I seem to have broken my Smilies! I know it has something to do with the sanitize function but I can't find the code in my mt.cfg file. Ack!! I'm thinking it's in some other place because I did an upgrade not a new install. The manual only says where it is in a new install. Ack!

Update #2: I fixed my smilies! Yeah! I have upgraded successfully now.

Continue reading "Did It Work?" »


Yes!!!! I've got smilies everywhere and I'm upgraded and it all works!!!


March 9, 2003

Be Prepared to Sprew Liquid Out Your Nose!

This is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. I'm just hoping that I kept my laughter smothered enough that I didn't wake up my landlords!

Link from Lori


This is an amazing thing that Michele's doing. Whether you agree that what our military is doing is right or wrong is irrelevant. The troops need to know that we support them. They're doing the job that they've sworn to do.

If you have a problem with the military complain to the ones in charge, don't take it out on the brave men and women that are risking their lives to protect you.

Go check it out and help them feel a little closer to home.

March 10, 2003


I'm stuck at work directing this monstrosity of a morning show. I am sooooo not happy about this. I absolutely hate directing this thing. It's such a pain. Although I'd rather direct it than have to do cameras for it, which is what I've had to do the last couple times I've had to work it.

It's just such a waste of an hour and a half of air time. If it were a decent show I might not mind so much, but it's just 90 minutes of fluff! And it's designed really poorly, all kinds of weird transitions and strange places for opens and breaks and way too much weather.

I should really stop complaining and just do it and get it over with but... I really don't want to. I just want to go home and go to bed!

OK, one positive thing about this? I should be able to finish the last row of my quilt (there's a picture of it over here) and attach it to the body of the thing. I probably won't get it completely attached, but I should be able to get close. Then I'm all finished with the pattern part of it! I just have to figure out how to do the border, backing, and stuffing. I'm getting there!

Is It Weird?

That I kinda feel sorry for the smilie in the previous post? He's just sitting there endlessly banging his head against the wall and I feel sorta sorry for him!

Yeah, I know, I'm weird.

March 11, 2003


Last night I finished the main part of my quilt! Woot! All the piecing is finished. I've got border, backing, and stuffing left to do but I'm not exactly sure how to do that. I'm going to have to go find a quilting site I think. Unless any of my blogging buddies are quilters...?

There are a couple pictures of the finished product over in the photoblog.

March 12, 2003

Stupid Intern

This freakin' intern is annoying the crap out of me! She plants herself in front of VTR-W and then doesn't move even though its painfully obvious that she's very much in the way. She just sits there and annoys you through the whole show. Doesn't offer to help, doesn't want to learn anything, just sits there staring at nothing and ignoring me when I reach right over her to do my job. I'm stretching literally two inches in front of her nose and she still doesn't get that she's in the way! Gah!!

Because All I've Been Doing Lately is Complaining

I'm going to share something wonderful (but pretty minor) that happened today.

When I got dressed today I pulled on a shirt that I've had since September. It's always been just a little snug. Not too small, but smaller than I prefer. After being up and dressed for a couple hours I realized that my shirt didn't feel tight! I've been enjoying the feeling all day.

My entire life I've really only gained weight, I've never lost it. I've been on the "I have no money to buy fast food or a bag of chips so I have to eat healthy food" diet, and this is making me feel like I want to keep eating like that even after I have money again.

It's a stunning feeling. It really is.

March 13, 2003

I'm Amazed

At the ideas and thoughts I get to read on a daily basis.

Gary has an amazing description of what blogging is. And he talked about a movie that I'm going to have to watch at some point now!

Reading all of these amazing writers every day makes me want to be a better writer. It makes me think, it makes me use my grey matter. I like it! I like the way blogging and blog-reading makes me feel.

One Geek to Rule them All

Gnomedex 3: Fellowship of the Geeks

I am so there! I was just starting to get into this whole geeky blog community last summer and didn't go. But this summer... I'm excited!


I missed Survivor when it was on tonight. So I'll be blogging it now while I watch my tape! Yeah I know, I'm a dork. But I've been having so much fun blogging shows live, this one especially.

What would have been 7:06... I know I complained about her last week, but Shawna is such a baby!

7:13 What kind of an idiot tells the other team all about their tribe politics?!?!?!

7:23 This could be ineteresting. I hope it doesn't backfire for anyone that I like. But if it does for anyone I don't care for that'd be OK.

7:29 Well, so far the guys seem more accepting of Christy than the girls were at first so that's good news. Hopefully that continues.

7:34 The guys are rocking! I was completely not expecting that. Butch especially. They're making an effort to make sure everyone (Christy) is included and not pushed away like she was with the girls. It's great!

OK, I have even less respect for Shawna now. If she was sick then she should still be sick now. But clearly she wasn't sick before, she was just being a big baby. She's totally fine now! Respect has gone for her

7:42 Nuts! I really didn't want them to win. Piffle Fribbits!

7:50 I dearly hope he's blowing smoke up Heidi's but. She is one of the most annoying people there! Why would he want to bring her into the merge?

Next time... NO respect for Shawna. And very happy that Christy has found a tribe that accepts her. And it'll be on Wednesday. So we'll be Survivor blogging a day early!

March 14, 2003


Very funny google page up at Solonor's site. He's right, it may be a cheap shot, but that doesn't make it any less funny!

Less than ten minutes until the television premiere of Chris' new do. Should be interesting!

Crying at Work

Gary went and made me cry while I'm sitting here at work. Thankfully almost everyone is gone by now so I don't feel like too much of a dork.

March 15, 2003

Tomorrow's Schedule

Someone is getting a tatto tomorrow!

No it isn't me so any of you that are my relatives can relax. I'm going with so rest assured that there will be pictures...


I can't get at Laurence's site from home, but I can from work. Very strange, and quite annoying!

Soggy Birdie

I went downstairs to get myself a glass of water. A certain someone decided he had to tag along and rode down on my shoulder. I filled my glass and he hopped his little fuzzy butt into the sink and decided to take a bath.

That itself is an experience to behold! He gets right under the stream of water and shakes his whole body flicking water everywhere. We have a routine, I keep my hand down in the sink and he'll climb up on it from time to time. When he does I'll hold him up and ask, "Are you done?" If he isn't finished he'll hop back into the sink, if he is finished he'll climb up my shirt onto my shoulder.

After a few rounds of "Are you done?" he decided he was clean and came back upstairs with me. So now there's a sopping wet birdie in my bedroom. He'll forget he's wet and try to fly to me and because his feathers aren't dry he can't get any altitude and barely makes it to me.

Such a silly birdie I've got.

Syn Gets Inked

There's one full sized picture of the tattooing trip up in the PhotoBlog and the thumbnails for the rest of them are up in the "People" and the "Events" sections of the Photo Album. I haven't finished writing the code for the full sized pictures yet, but they should be up soon as well.

Update: The full size pics are up now.

March 16, 2003

Good Eating

I forgot! Yesterday was Eat an Animal for PETA Day!

I forgot to post it on the right day, but I had chicken yesterday. There's even a picture of the sandwich containing said chicken in my PhotoBlog.

Take that PETA!


"I don't know my birds from my llamas."

Said by our ditzy weekend weather chick. She's southern so imagine everything in a high lilting voice that doesn't really get it.

Wonderful Day

I've had such a great day today. Sooo much fun!

Syn and I went Geocaching for the entire afternoon. Until the sun went down, literally. The first thing we had to do was to check on our cache. Unfortunately, someone (or something) swiped it! It was no longer in it's hiding place. We replaced it and met a wonderful furry friend. We're assuming she belongs to one of the houses near our cache, but she didn't have a collar and was just wandering around. Just the sweetest puppy you could ever hope to meet. She followed us around the whole time we were out there and just wanted to be petted and have her belly scratched.

After dealing with our cache, we went hunting... we haven't really been able to go geocaching all winter because of the cold and the snow. But it warmed up beautifully this weekend and we were both just itching to get out. We were near the Caddie Woodlawn cache so we decided to go for that one. It was a multi-cache which is something we hadn't done before. It was tons of fun though. And it made me want to re-read a book I haven't read since I was little.

I remember going to the Caddie Woodlawn house when I was little (maybe 10?) with my parents and brother. I remember thinking it was very cool. It was wonderful to find out that it's still cool!

We had just a little bit of daylight left so we decided to try for just one more. But that one was at the end of a road that's closed until May 1st. Technically we could have abandoned the car and walked up, but it was getting late so we decided to just head home and tackle that one another day.

It's dark out now, but we found a couple on the site that look findable at night. So we're going to head off to try and find one (or both!) of those.

This weather is wonderful!

March 19, 2003

Liquid Thoughts

It's been raining most of today, not hard, just that steady soaking stuff. That means everything should start turning green tomorrow! It's been all brown since the snow all melted (and most of the winter since we didn't have any freakin' snow!) It'll be nice to see green grass, and trees, and the little buds on everything.

Survivor is on tonight instead of Thursday so I'll be Survivor Blogging this evening. Assuming of course that nothing big happens between now and then which causes the network to pre-empt it.

I got an e-mail asking about my parents and I just figured I'd let all of you know... They're still in Tchad, but they should be leaving within the next 24 hours or so. I just got an e-mail from them and they're fine (woot!) they should be getting home Friday evening. Since it's a very long trip back they'll start travelling pretty soon here. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, I really appreciate it.

Time to Blog!

It's time for some Survivor blogging! Stay tuned...

7:13 I'm really wondering what Heidi expected to happen. The guys were using you! They needed to get a girl off so that they could pick you off one at a time. Duh! That's the way the game is played.

7:18 Go Christy Go! That so rocks that she knocked Jenna down twice. After Jenna was so anti-Deaf since day one. That is just awesome. See Jenna... Deaf can do just as well, or better! than hearing!

7:25 OK, the only person on the new Jabaru tribe that I like even a little is Deena. The rest of them are just bags of hormones trying to get laid. Not my idea of fun.

7:20 I love Butch! He is such a sweetheart. He knows what's really important and I love that.

7:45 OK, that was a really nasty looking immunity challenge! Not as bad as that blood drinking thing a couple seasons back... Tambaqui won though, Woot!

7:55 Oh good, they got rid of that whiny thing. That was a good move on their part. I wonder, do any of the Survivor contestants ever read all the stuff we blog about them?

It Has Begun

Well, here we go everyone. Should be an interesting few days/weeks.

Here We Go

Our 10pm show just got cancelled. ABC is going straight through without any local cut-aways. But I'm still bustin' my butt! Out Daybreak show got moved from 5:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and the ND wants me to stay and take care of that. Our two main anchors are coming in to do it as well. And there's reporters out and we'll probably have people live in the morning.

I'm off to make graphics!

March 20, 2003

Look Out!

Chris' take on protestors...

But how is keeping me from my morning coffee going to change anything?! Why don't you get a Web site - like a normal person? Blog it, damn you.

Love that!

March 21, 2003

Parental Update

I got a phone call about 12:30 this morning from my parents. They're in Paris right now and coming the rest of the way home soon. Yeah! I'm happy about that. I'm very ready for them to be home.

A Grateful Nation

Taking down Sadam poster

The stories coming out of Iraq today are amazing. All these people that are so grateful to see the U.S. Troops. They DO want us there. This story was on ABC World News Tonight (yes, ABC has been sucking, but that's where I work so that's what I saw) and I stood in the control room crying while I watched it.

They're getting their first tastes of freedom and it's a wonderful thing to see.

March 22, 2003


I just found out that I have a second cousin in Iraq. That would be my mom's cousin's kid. My family isn't a "military family" so I didn't think I had any relatives over there. He's part of the Marine Expeditionary Force, 1st Division. They were involved in this.

Changin' the Subject

And on a completely different note... there's new stuff in the photoblog.

March 23, 2003

Marching Forward

Excellent post by my girl Syn about the war. I completely agree with everything she said.

Yes it's sad that it got this far, yes diplomacy is the best choice. BUT... diplomacy has failed! We can't just sit here hoping that it'll magically start working. Saddam and his sadistic minions need to be removed. The people of Iraq deserve to decide their own future. They deserve to be free. I pray that we can give them that.

An update... apparently the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force is huge and my cousin probably wasn't involved in the oil field thing. He's in the 4th battalion so I should probably be keeping an eye out for that instead. He's got bridge and sniper training, so the family is thinking that he was more likely headed for Baghdad. That's all I know.

People are Sick

I can't believe people do things like this! How can anyone put a baby in a suitcase and then sell it! I'm glad they caught the people who did it and that the babies are safe now, but that's just horrible!

Link from Jeneane

When "Human Shields" Get a Clue

This is what happens.

Link from Michele


This is a first person account of someone who actually saw the video on Al-Jazeera of the troops that were captured/killed in Iraq.

All the US news I've seen today hasn't been airing it, which I think is the right thing to do, but I appreciate knowing what's on the video. Not just hearing from reporters that it's "horrible and disturbing". Saddam's done it now though. He's violated Geneva conventions and that was just stupid. If he wants the world on his side he's not going to get it by killing and torturing US soldiers.

A Long Time Coming

OK, I've been ignoring this for a while, but I'm finally going to rant about it so get ready!
I am sick to death of people complaining that Bush wasn't elected. Yes he was! Our government doesn't work on the popular vote. It works on the electoral vote. By the electoral vote he won! That's the way the system works. Deal with it and stop complaining.

March 24, 2003

Co-Worker Rant

I'm sorry, I know this is two rants in a row, but I'm on a roll tonight.

First some background... I always go into work on Sundays. Not to work, but to check the classifieds and the TV guide thing that comes in the paper. While I was there we got a phone call from tonight's audio op. Apparently the cops were at his house and about to take him to jail! He got a fine for something a while ago, never paid it, and eventually a warrant was issued. So, I end up staying at work to cover his butt (second time in a week if anyone's counting).

Continue reading "Co-Worker Rant" »


The Gnomedex 3.0 site just went live. Now I just have to scrape together $99 so I can register!

Jason is the Bestest!

In the past two days I've gotten to move four blogs from my Non-Pingers blogroll to my Pingers blogroll! I know it has something to do with what Jason has been doing with Blogger & Blogspot. I'm such a geek, but I love it when I get to move blogs into the pingers list. It makes me happy!

March 25, 2003

The Hypocrisy of Hollywood

Of course we all knew that already. I get a newsletter called Breakpoint in my inbox every day. Yesterday's was really interesting.

The gist of it is that many of the celebrities complaining about Bush & the war really aren't objecting to the war itself. When Clinton did similar things they supported him. Now that it's Bush they think it's horrible. It really underlines how hypocritical they all are. Very good reading.

Their website was down yesterday so hopefully it won't go down again today!

Visitor #5000!

I have past 5000 hits on my little ol' site. And it would appear that visitor number 5000 was my Aunt!

And I have to say that the first comment on this post just made my day! Yep, I'm a dork like that.

March 26, 2003

Which Department is This?

Why it's the Department of Homeland Panic of course!

Link from ummm, I don't remember

Survivor Bloggin'

It's that time of week again... time for some Survivor! Stay tuned for more...

7:07 gee Jenna why don't you trust Christy? Could it be because you were mean to her? Just a thought.

7:12 It's about to get interesting. That's going to suck building a new shelter though!

7:19 OK, I like my pop cold as much as the next girl, but if you're in the middle of nowhere it's a lot more important to save your food. Besides which the alcohol isn't going to do good things for you!

7:27 I just saw someone give "Deaf applause" to Christy, so she must be teaching some of them something. We're just not getting to see it!

God save me from hormone saturated idiots!

7:38 This is pathetic. Those two girls need to go! And how hard can it be to balance on that? Its 4x12, that isn't really that small. The wind would make it difficult. But just standing there at the beginning? That's not that hard.

7:44 OK, If Christy couldn't win it. I'm glad it was Deena. She's the only other one of the girls that I like at all. And right now Butch is the only guy. The rest of them are all just so annoying and self-centered.

7:50 I'm a little concerned here. Every single Survivor episode in the past the person who is talked about the most as being kicked off, isn't. So what's going on here? Absolutely everyone is talking about wanting Roger off, but if history means anything he won't be going anywhere. Hmmm...

7:57 Whew! I was getting worried there. But it's all good.

March 28, 2003

Geeking Out

I was showing my dad something on my site and realized I hadn't posted anything since Wednesday! I must say this is very odd behavior.

I've been spending most of my on-line time working on Syn's site. I'm slowly getting it to look (and work!) right, but there's still a few things that I haven't been able to figure out on my own.

I'm going to tell you what I've been doing over there, so go look at it and then come back and continue reading....

OK, did you get a good look at it? Good. Here's what's been happening. And just a warning, I'm about to totally geek out on you.

The first thing I attacked was the comments. It was pretty easy to replace the "comments" text with an image, but we wanted the button to light up if there were comments. I found a script in the Scriptygoddess archives that changed the comments line depending on the number of comments. Mission accomplished.

The next mission was the recent entries and archives lists. The plan for these was to have them be keypads from the switcher at work, and to have the buttons light up when a mouse hovered over them. I took pictures of the switcher at work with the keypad lit up and then with it unlit. I used a tripod so that the pictures would be the same and because tripods tend to reduce the amount of blurriness in low light pictures! Some PhotoShop time later and I've got 24 little buttons, 12 lit up and 12 unlit. I wrote the code for a table and lo and behold I've got an unlit keypad.

Now that I've got my keypad table, I need it to do something. After a little trial and error I figured out how to get each of the recent entries attached to one of the buttons using a combination of "lastn=1" and "offset=x" (with x being a number from 1 to 9). So now the keypad actually works, but I want it to light up!

A google search later and I found out that the effect I wanted was called "MouseOver" and I found a tutorial on how to write the code to make it work. And I've got a keypad that works and lights up. Woot!

And that brings us pretty close to right now. I've got a keypad in there that lights up for the archives, but they all point to March! Which really wasn't the idea. And I also want to add a little text box above each keypad that'll show the title of the entry or archive you're hoving over.

That's where I'm at right now. I'm having all kinds of fun geeking out and learning lots of new code bits. I'm going to have to ask for some outside help at this point (Scriptygoddess seems like a good place to start) because I'm not really sure what to try next. Of course if there's some benevolent script writer out there that wants to help me out I'd love the assistance.

Last thing I want to say is that Scriptygoddess rocks! I wouldn't have even attempted this if I hadn't already successfully used a bunch of scripts from them. That gave me the confidence to try something completely new and I'm loving it!

March 29, 2003

Three Thousand Words

There's kitty pictures in the PhotoBlog, and I took some new Dolce pictures today too that'll be up shortly. I'll post a link once I finish messing with them and upload 'em.

March 30, 2003


I haven't really messed around with it much yet, but I have registered so I can play later.

I'm listed on Blogshares. The link is over there in the right column.

March 31, 2003

Breathing Again

I finished my lawyer paperwork today. I just need to call him and tell him I'm done. I'm finally on my way! I just don't see any other way out and I'm so very thankfull that I'm getting close to free.

I still have some pretty major money issues, but I can survive on what I make now. I can't really afford anything but the basics, but I can live on it. I'd really like a part-time job to supplement my full-time one, but I'm having a hard time finding one. I think its a combination of such a tight job market, and my weird schedule. Since most part time jobs are evenings and weekends, and I work evenings... it becomes difficult.

Cis, thanks for the coding help. I did post to the MTForums, but I think I stumped them. I am going to e-mail a few specific people though to see if I can get my problem solved.

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