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May 1, 2003


A very good friend just got fired this morning for no apparent reason. She has had to work with two of the most difficult people in the building since day one without any relief. I'm amazed that she's not completely looney from it.

The reasons she was given were quite lame and blatantly untrue in a couple instances. She has dealt with people who should have been fired a long time ago for pretty major offenses. Instead of being supported, she was fired. Completely unfair.

Let me tell you, if they ever ask me to help out on that show again I'm going to say no. At this point I'm not touching that thing with a 10-foot pole.

I am pissed!

Sunnier News

It's time for Survivor blogging!

7:07 Twig Twins! That's the way the game works! I don't understand why people get so upset when things like this happen on this show. They all go in to it knowing the rules, knowing how it all works. And yet they act like it's the biggest betrayal when someone plays better than they did. It makes me nuts!

7:11 Christy!!! Don't trust them!!! They're just going to stab you in the back later. Trust the guys, they've been good since the beginning. The twig twins have just left you out to dry.

And as soon as I typed that, she said the same thing to the camera.

7:17 Matt: Those girls so don't deserve that, but that was really nice of you. I am glad everyone got to see their family. Maybe I'm just cold-hearted, but I can't stand females that cry at the slightest little thing like that. Not that I don't cry, I do, but there has to be a good reason. And it's almost always because I'm sad. I don't really get that "crying when you're happy" thing. Although if I'm off my meds I'll cry at anything, but that's a whole different situation.

7:29 It cracks me up when they show the tribe singing. They all tend to be so horrid! It's funny.

7:30 He's not a slimeball! He's playing the game! Gah! The twig twins are so stupid.

7:34 This conversation happens every single season of this game. The people that lose get all pissed off at the people that have the power. It's a game!

7:40 The twig twins are getting desperate and it's funny!

7:45 Drat! Hopefully Heidi will go, but the promos made it sound like it'd be a surprise and after last week that really wouldn't be one. So maybe Rob goes? I don't know.

7:50 He had better not backstab Christy! Or I am going to be seriously pissed off at him!

7:55 ROB!! You suck! That is the most horrible thing you could have done.

May 2, 2003

Because We Weren't Weird Enough Already

Had lunch with friends today and we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding which I hadn't seen yet. It was hilarious! And some of the best one liners I've ever heard.

Also, the parental units have arrived safe and sound from Peru. They rented a car at the airport so I didn't have to go back on the interstate (Woot!) Not that that was the reason. It was because they needed a car. But it was a nice side benefit for me


What happens when you're bored and a silly song is running through your head? Well, you re-write it of course! Which is exactly what Syn and I did tonight.

A tiny bit of back story first... Daybreak is the wretched bastard stepsister of the station we work at. It is a horrible show and horrible to work. It's also the show off of which our friend got fired yesterday. That's all important information. Now enjoy our silliness!

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May 3, 2003

Something Smells Fishy

And it's this story!

A 17 year old goldfish in a "wheelchair", or at least the fish equivalent of one!

Different and Surprising

Melissa aka GeekGrrl has a music meme going on and I just can't resist a new meme so... here's my picks!

I have somewhat eclectic musical tastes so paring this down to 5 was difficult. There's a lot more that are completely different, but people that know me know I have weird tastes in music so it's not all that surprising. But I don't talk about music that often here so this'll probably all be surprising to my blogging buddies!

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Suspicions Confirmed

My mom has always thought this and now it's been confirmed!

You have ADD!

What is your mental profile?
brought to you by Quizilla

Found um... somewhere! I'd link it if I remembered.

Survival of the Fittest

I quite honestly don't know if I could do this. I suppose if you think you're going to die you're capable of all kinds of things. But Yikes!

Link from Jason

What's a Gelding?

Our sports anchor tonight didn't know. So he and the main anchor made a joke of it and asked the viewers if anyone knew. But... there is NO STAFF on weekends. Everyone is on the desk or in the control room. That means that no one can answer the phone. They told everyone to please call after the news was finished.

Of course viewers being the intelligent people that they are, they immediately started calling us. Just in case you forgot, no one is available to answer the phones during the show. The answering machine started going nuts.

Needless to say, we now know what a gelding is!

May 5, 2003


I quite honestly can't think of anything to write here. I've been feeling kind of blah. I just couldn't bear the thought of two whole days without any posts!

I'll probably snap out of my blah-ness (shut up, I can make up words if I want) around 2 am and then post every single thought in my head until much too early in the morning. But for now I'm just empty.

May 7, 2003

What the...

I made a bunch of copies of my resume at work on Monday night. Nothing unusual there right? That happens on a regular basis. When I was finished I grabbed all the copies and the original. Apparently someone found it and made ANOTHER copy and put it in the station manager's mail box! I can't figure out how that could have happened. I know I grabbed all the ones that I made. The only thing I can figure is that someone found it on the computer and printed it and put it in his mailbox just to "get" me. I'm pretty sure I know who too! A certain Mr. Crabby-Pants has been particularly crabby lately and that's exactly the kind of stunt he would pull too!

I really do love my job, but there are a select few people that I would be very happy to live without!

That's Good Television!

Tonight's episode of The West Wing just finished. WOW!! That show amazes me every single week. And next week's looks incredible too.

Deja Vu All Over Again

We seem to have yet another Game Seven! Apparently these guys can only play well if they're under a ton of pressure!

May 8, 2003

It's that Time Again

Even though my favorite player got voted off last week I'm still going to blog Survivor tonight! My new favorite player is Butch. I've always liked him so I'm going with him.

Stay tuned...

7:08 I am soooo sick of the twig twins thinking that they're all that! They're annoying and superficial and conceited... you get the idea.

7:12 Butch honey! You need to relax! And that crazy skinny white man dance was just disturbing.

7:17 Maybe I'm just weird, but I've always enjoyed undoing knoted up ropes. When I was little my dad and I had this one longish rope (maybe 5 feet?) that we'd tie up into huge knots for each other to undo. I always got a huge kick out of it. Yeah, I think I'm just weird!

7:24 Wow! All those really dry leaves and palm fronds and such sure went up fast! When they left I thought their fire was right next to the shelter. That seems awfully silly to me. You really shouldn't leave a fire burning that close to where your "home" is. That's just dangerous!

7:28 Her sorority stuff?!?! Oh NO!!!! What will she do!!! (can you sense the sarcasm?)

7:31 I'm glad Matt seems to have calmed down. He's not nearly as nutzoid as he was at the beginning of the game.

7:37 How on earth have you "earned" it? All you two have done is sit around and complain about how everyone doesn't like you because you're pretty. Gah! People like that bug me to no end.

7:40 I love ropes courses! That looks like fun.

7:44 Matt is ok with me. I like Butch best, but Matthew is second. Then it'd be Rob and the twig twins are last (duh)

7:53 Good Lord Heidi! That was a really stupid thing to say. Have you been paying any attention at all? But hey, maybe that'll get her voted off! So I'm OK with her being stupid. Hehe, and Rob's "1 brain" comment was hilarious!

7:55 Goodbye twig twin number 1! Woot!!!!

May 10, 2003

On Saturday I Will...

Particpate in this project. The idea is to take a picture approximately every hour to show what your day was like. I realize that it's technically Saturday right now, but to me it'll be Friday until I fall asleep and then get up again. Then it'll be Saturday. So I won't be snapping any pictures for that project until I get up tomorrow.

Syn and I may also be going Geocaching tomorrow. It's supposed to be nice out and we both need to get out and do something fun. So that's tentatively on the books for tomorrow.

Subject change...

The "I" key on my keyboard isn't working very well. Very annoying! It only seems to actually register every other time I hit it so I keep having to back up and hit it again. Grr!


Melissa aka GeekGrrl posed some interesting questions about blogs and relationships the other day. I'm working on catching up on my blog-reading, and this caught my interest so I'm answering!

How important to you is it to have a friendship outside of just comments with your online friends? Depends on the person I guess. For the most part I'm happy with the blog/comments set up. I like the way it works. I can go reading as much as I want and I don't "have" to comment if I don't want to. I can lurk (very comforting for a shy person!) or I can be all hyper and bubbly. Whatever I feel like, it's ok. I like the comfort of that.

Do you try to start friendships outside of comments? E-mail? IM? Telephone? I have my AIM & YIM handles posted on my blog. But that's about it! I don't really seek out people to IM with. And only two people have ever IMed me from my site. The only person I IM with a lot is my best friend in real life. (She's also the only person I really talk to on the phone too) I will send e-mail's back from comments. I really like that feature of MT, it makes it really easy to send a simple thanks or answer questions or whatever.

Do you feel slighted if someone won't have more than a solely comment-based friendship? Nope! I've never really actively sought that out from anyone either though.

Do you move on and look for other people that will? See above!

This whole subject really interests me. What are these people that I read every day? Are they friends? acquaintances? Something else entirely? It's not the same as a very close friend I talk to every day, but it's so much more than people that I just work with. But it also is a friend I talk to every day. (or almost every day)

I've noticed that I always feel like I have to read someone's blog for a period of time before I feel comfortable commenting. Like I have to get to know them on some level before I'll join the conversation. I guess I do that in my everyday life too. I had my job for months before I felt that I could be myself there. Now I'm myself all the time, with new people too. I guess I'm secure in my position there, my status, that I feel safe being me.

I want everyone to have comments. There are a few sites I read that don't have them and it bothers me! I feel like I can know them, but they can't know me, can't know how much I enjoy reading them. I'm comfortable commenting, but horribly insecure about e-mailing someone out of the blue. I know that a comment and an e-mail can have the exact same words, that I can still tell the blogger whatever I want to about whichever post, but it's somehow different for me. There's this feeling that somehow an e-mail would be an intrusion, where a comment wouldn't be.

The idea of calling someone on the phone quite honestly scares the bejezus out of me. I've never been horribly comfortable on the phone, so add that to a healthy amount of insecurity and that thing is frightening!

On the other hand, a blogger meeting I'd be interested in! I'd be excited about something like that. I think I might be more comfortable with people in person than on the phone so that would be an extension of that feeling. I think that's a big part of the reason I want to go to Gnomedex so badly. I do want that tangible connection to people that I've been reading for so long. I know their feelings, their thoughts, their writing style. I want to add their body language to it. The way they smile. Their voice, the way they string their words together.

And would you look at that? I managed to write a big deep post, without even trying. Huh.

What a Wonderful World!

I'm having an absolutely wonderful day! Horrah! I haven't had one of those in a long time so I'm really happy about this.

First off Syn and I went Geocaching and brought her sister along for the ride. We found both of the caches we went hunting for. The geocaching festivities ended for the moment (because Syn had to go to work) and I went to a movie. I haven't gone to a movie for a long time (too expensive) so that was a lovely treat. I saw X-Men 2. Very good! I'll probably write more about it later, just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe even more than the first one.

On the way back to my house from the movie theatre I figured I'd stop by my parent's house and see if they were back from Colorado yet. White Escort in the driveway... yep, they're home! They had gone out there for just a couple days for my brother's graduation from the Colorado School of Mines. But, my brother was nowhere to be found. The reason? He didn't graduate! Apparently he has incompletes in three of his classes and he has to go beg his professors to let him finish them instead of failing him. So the parental units came home without him. Heh, my brother.

So Mom, you want to watch Thursday's ER? I always give her my tape of it when she gets back from wherever she's gone to. A lot of times I'll watch with her, but I've almost always seen it already. I hadn't gotten around to watching this week's yet though, so I went home quickly and grabbed the tape (all of 10 or 11 blocks) and we watched it! Quite the episode too. I think I'm going to have to watch it again to try and get all the stories and timelines straight in my head. The ep finished, and we watched the last hour of "The Green Mile" on ABC. Amazing movie. We'd both seen it before, but it's just so good!

The parents headed off to bed and I started to head home. Checked my voice mail while I was in the driveway and Syn had left me a message. She wants to go nighttime geocaching. Haha! I'm up for that.

And now I'm waiting for her to finish her show stuff so we can go hunting again!

I've also been taking pictures like a madwoman today for the May Day Project. Once I get back from our nocturnal searching I'll post my day.

May 11, 2003

Sleep Chirping?

Right now my boy Dolce has his head tucked back into the feathers on his back, sleeping. His eyes are shut and he's just the cutest little thing. And every 30 seconds or so a little chirp comes from him! He's sleep chirping! I wonder if he's having a dream? What's he dreaming about if he is?

May Day

I finally finished editing and uploading my May Day Project submission. It's over in the photoblog so go check it out!

May 12, 2003

Has it Really Been a Year?

I just happened to look over at my archives list and realized that I'm getting close to my blogiversary. On May 27th it'll be one year since I started this site. I haven't been on this domain the whole time, I was on sunidesus.com originally. But after a few months I realized that Yahoo sucks as a host. They also wouldn't give me access to my domain so I couldn't transfer it to my new host! Grrr! I ended up registering a second domain (.net) and I've been on that one ever since.

When I've gone back and read some of my early posts I realize how much I've changed (and not changed) since last May. I think blog time may be a little bit different than real time. It seems like so much more than a year that I've been doing this. Everything happens so fast in the blogiverse, miss a few days and you miss a month's worth of goings on.

If you do read any of my early stuff, please be gentle! I was learning how to use a blog and the early posts are pretty lame!

Abrupt subject change:

My dad has the car so I'm going to go gallavanting with my mom now. Catch you all later!

May 17, 2003

Naughty Me!

I've been such a bad blogger this week! I've been busy and even when I've had time I haven't felt like writing. I have been lurking a little bit elsewhere, but nowhere near my normal posting & reading insanity.

I have been taking pictures like a madwoman for the America 24/7 project, in hopes that I get a couple pictures that are really good. I know I really don't have much of a chance to get in one of those books, but how cool would that be if I did?!?!?! It'd just be amazing. I think I've already taking 2 or 3 hundred pictures just this week! Digital cameras are so nice. I can't imagine spending all that money to develop that many photos. Especially when I know that most of them aren't going to be anything great. It's so freeing to be able to take ten or twenty shots of the same thing until I get exactly the image I'm looking for.

That thought made me curious and I just did the math... figuring how long I've had my camera and how many pictures I've taken... It works out to an average of 14 pictures a day. That's a lot of picture taking!


My parents bought a car on eBay! I never thought I'd utter that sentence. Times are changing I guess!

I only owe my lawyer (still feels weird to say that) $300. Three more months and I'm completely done. Woot!!!

I've lost another 5 pounds. I am now down to 195. Woo-Hoo!! I call it the "I-Have-No-Money Diet Plan". I can't go and buy a bag of chips or grab dinner at McDonalds. On the one hand it's nice because I'm losing weight, but it's really foreign to me. I'm one of those people that eats when I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I'm nervous, when I'm bored, while watching TV, while I'm on the computer... NOT having that is really odd.

I think that's all the random thoughts from my head, for now anyways!

May 20, 2003

Poke Poke Poke

I really haven't been in a writing kind of mood lately, so I'm going to attempt to jump start something here by doing a This or That! So here we go...

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May 21, 2003

Blogiverse Happenings

First something benign: I've got a new post up in my Photoblog that I'd really appreciate it if people would check out. I'm trying to decide on 7 pictures to submit to the America 24-7 Project. I've got 'till the 25th to submit them so I'm asking for opinions.

And the not so benign stuff:
Why does the blogisphere always seem to erupt into controversy when I'm being a hermit and not reading or posting?

Zander posted here and there in my comments going back quite a ways. I'd visit his site after I'd see comments, but it never went much past that. I admit I wasn't all that interested in reading the posts of a horny teenager. Then he got "sick" and I started visiting regularly. Apparently it was all a lie. Here's the best description of what happened that I could find, although there's a lot more out there if you look a little.

When my family finds out about my blog the first question most of them ask is "How do you know if people are telling the truth?" I've never really thought about it that much. It's hard to keep a reliable lie going in the amount that a blog requires. But I guess if you're determined it's doable! It just makes me mad. How dare whoever that little snot is take advantage of our feelings? our love? our compassion?

It makes me sick!

I'm Not Really Into Basketball But...

This is pretty cool. A girl from my dinky little town in the middle of the frozen tundra is playing professional basketball! Her name is Chandra Johnson and she was just signed to a two year contract by the Los Angeles Sparks. She went to high school here and then played for UW - Green Bay. I just think that's really cool!

On an unrelated note, I'm feeling the need to vent about some crap at work, but I think that's going to take more time than I have right now so it's going to have to wait until I get home tonight!

What a Sweetie!

A Big THANK YOU!! to Solonor for linking my photo query, and for his lovely comments. You made my week Mr. Half Elf!

And thanks to Melissa for her linky love too!

Guess What!?!

Yep, that's right. The Pathfire isn't working again, oh joy. I've been on hold w/the tech support guy off and on for the past 25 minutes. This machine is where we get all of our video from NewsOne (nat'l internat'l stuff) and it won't let me download any video. I can see it on the 'puter, but I can't get it onto the tape. Grr!!!!

May 22, 2003


Extreme kitty cuteness ahead!

Thanks to Melissa for the link

Plugging Away

I just have to plug this book for a second.

One of my mom's best friends wrote it! How cool is that? Her name is even on the dedication page. I just think that's really nifty and thought I'd share it with all of you.

And as long as I'm plugging things, these are some amazing CD's by another one of my mom's very good friends. Actually her daughter and I were very close friends when we were little. She's an absolutely amazing pianist.

I just noticed that they're both named Mary. That's kinda odd. They're also both very cool people.

May 23, 2003


This is perhaps one of the most disturbing sites I've ever come across. Click at your own risk!

(don't say I didn't warn you)

My Mommy Rocks

I went home for dinner tonight and my mommy had bought me some clothes. A new pair of pants (ok, they're actually capris. But they're pants to me!) a pair of shorts and a new top. And they're all one size smaller than my normal size. WOOT!!!! They're 1x and I've worn 2x or 3x for ages. I'm almost down into the normal sizes. How cool is that!

The best part of it though is that she bought them, so I didn't have to pay for them. I'm such a charity case.

May 25, 2003


Well, I made a decision. I've picked and submitted my 7 pictures. Just because I know you're all terribly curious I chose numbers 1, 3, 7, 9, 12, 13, & 14. Thanks to everyone for your input!

In other news...

I took my parents to the airport yesterday without incident, unlike last time! I have to admit I was quite nervous, but I survived. I don't think I went over 65 the whole time, but I wasn't below 60 very much either so I at least went at a somewhat normal speed.

I stopped at my aunt and uncle's house while I was up there and that was nice. We got to visit for quite a while. And now I'm just home being lazy. But of course that's the right way to spend a Sunday anyway.

Games are Afoot

Michele has a goofy song contest going on and I figured I'd participate! The idea is to pick a song starting with each letter of the alphabet. So now I'm going through my music in my head. Be warned you're about to be exposed to the eclecticness (shut up, it is too a word!) of my musical tastes! And yes I do own every single one of these CD's.

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May 26, 2003


My dumb modem was being all flaky this afternoon at home so I've just been able to get on-line now at work. Trying to squeeze all of my blog-reading into 30 minutes! Hopefully it'll be working when I get home 'cuz it was awfully darn annoying earlier today. It would let me on long enough to get to my blog and therefore my blogroll, but as soon as I tried to go elsewhere it'd be too long and I'm kicked off-line. My Trillian interface was beeping like mad with all the connecting and disconnecting.

I'm just hoping it's all better when I get home because I don't know if I'll survive another day without internet at home!

May 27, 2003

More Flakiness

My modem is still being flaky so I'm on at work again. I'm going to have a serious conversation with that thing when I get home tonight! I'm most annoyed with it.

I Want One!

Yet another item has now been added to the list of things I'd really like to buy but don't have any money so I'll have to buy them later or hope that someone is really nice and buys it for me list. Wil's first book has been printed. And he's all excited about it, and it's quite honestly pretty cute when people get that excited about something.

May 28, 2003

Geek Test Ahead!

Yep, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and taking the Geek Test.

And the answer is...

I am a 36.09467% Geek (Major Geek)

That was a really fun test! I know, that makes me geekier doesn't it?

I think I saw this at JasonD's first, but I just saw it on Chris's too. And numerous other places I'm sure!

Problem Found, but Not Solved

Well, the problem wasn't with my modem. The place in the back of my 'puter where the network cable plugs in is all loose and wiggly. Apparently it's come apart from the mother board. So of course this isn't something that's easy to fix. My parents are out of town for the rest of the week, so I think I'm going to swipe the network card off my mom's laptop and see if that'll work. If that doesn't work then I'm going to be completely stumped.

It is still under the extended service plan thing at Best Buy, so once I've got stuff backed up I can take it in and they'll have to fix it. But I'm not about to let them have my 'puter unless I've got copies of absolutely everything on it!

Hopefully my mom's card will work, then I can at least get on-line from home through the weekend. After that, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I really don't want to be without my computer for a long period of time.

I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot more time at work, just so I can do my blog-reading!

May 30, 2003


Yes I'm still having computer problems! Grr!!

Having a pretty good day other than that though. Everyone from work is going out in a few minutes for a going away party for the weekend anchor. We're all horribly loopy already so it should be interesting once people get a few drinks in them! In the past I've had to drive people home, so we'll see what happens.

And go give some support to my girl Syn. She hasn't had a cigarette for two whole days! Go Syn!!

May 31, 2003

Reading, Watching, and Listening Oh My!

I saw this site over at Solonor's and of course being the hopeless follower that I am I just couldn't resist joining in on the fun. After all who doesn't like lists of the best of books, movies, music, and being able to check off the ones you've read/watched/listened to!

I've just gotten started on working through the various lists, but if you're curious here are my stats.

Bathroom Humor

I'm feeling a tad immature and this list fits the immaturity bill perfectly. It made me laugh, so I'm sharing it! Because that's what I do.

Link from Laura (the other one)

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