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July 1, 2003

Toby Keith Must Die

Or at least go far, far, far away where I will never again have to hear his annoying voice on another Ford commercial. And he can take that annoying freak in the Ford escape (the yellow SUV) with him. I am soooooo sick of having to watch those spots 14 times in a row every Monday night. AHHHHHHH!!!!!

That's the sound of me going slowly insane and trying to plot how to get even by using only DVC and 1".

July 2, 2003

Cool Line

"My life is a consequence."

Heard on ABC sitcom "8 Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter." In a surprising move by ABC, it's actually a decent show!

Because they have such a great track record for good programming


I was practically falling asleep standing up (or sitting down, depending) while I was at work. Now I've been home, and in my own bed for the past couple hours and there's no sleep to be found. Why is that? Once I'm in a place where I can sleep... I can't. So very frustrating.

Getting There

It's getting closer. The blog posts stay where they're supposed to (in all resolutions) but now the side stuff isn't behaving properly. The only way I can get them to show up is if I tell each individual "div" exactly where it's supposed to be. Every. Single. Side. and Sidetitle. They won't behave like they usually do and I don't know why! Grrr!

OK, I have to do some actual work now. But then it'll be back to banging my head against this silly code.

Oh, and welcome to the Midwest to my Aunt! She's here from California. And she's my mom's twin. If I get a chance I'll take a picture of them and you can all see how much they look alike. Of course I've never thought they looked alike, but I lived with one of them!

July 4, 2003

People are Weird

On the way home from work tonight I was keeping an eye open for a picture for this week's Photo Friday. On the way past the church I noticed a bench with just one light shining on it. I pulled into the parking lot, grabbed my tripod, and started snapping pictures. I ended up using one of them as my entry.

The whole reason I'm posting about this though is what happened next. I was finishing up when all of a sudden someone yelled incredibly loudly and scared the daylights out of me. I whipped around and there was this big white truck zooming down the road the church is on. "STOP STEALING THAT STUFF!!!"

um... k?

I was just taking pictures you freak. Whoever it was saw me turn around and look towards them and yelled again. "YEAH, YOU! YOU LESBIAN PIECE OF SH**!"


They were then out of range and stopped yelling. I know they were just moronic drunken idiots, but it still bothered me. Why on earth would someone feel the need to scream at a girl taking pictures in a parking lot?

And now that I've blogged it, I'm letting it go! Ah, the wonder of blogs.


It's storming pretty good right now. Lots of wind and lightning and thunder. The trees are blowing all over the place. Very cool!

Interesting, Very Interesting


What kind of thinker are you?

That's pretty much all true. I do tend to think in pictures, I love photography and art, and a big part of my job is graphic design! So quite an accurate quiz.

Link from Laura

July 5, 2003

Alcohol and It's Affects

Drove a very drunk Syn home last night. It's interesting what comes out of a person's mouth when they're trashed.


Go to google and do a search for weapons of mass destruction, instead of clicking the regular search button click the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

Thanks to Gary for the idea.

July 6, 2003

We Interupt This Programing...

To bring you this tiny little dorky moment.

I've been Blogrolled by Michele!

I know, it's amazingly dorky of me to get excited about that, but I did so

My parents had most of my mom's relatives over tonight for strawberry shortcake (homemade, yum!) and to just visit. My aunt is here (I said that before right?) and everyone wants to see her so they all came over at once! Insanity ensued for the evening. I have lots of pictures, and I'll probably post a couple of the cute ones either tonight or tomorrow.

Gnomedex is only three weeks away and it's looking more and more doubtful that I'm going to be able to go. I was counting on an extra paycheck a month or two back that I was going to use, but it ended up being needed for other things. (drat those bills)

Oh, and a belated Happy Fourth of July!! to everyone.


Hey Syn! I think we need one of these stickers for the control room. What do you think?

July 8, 2003

Monday's Are No Fun

By the time I got home last night and was able to go to bed it was easily 4 in the morning. And what time did I wake up? 9! What the heck is going on here?!?!? I'm exhausted, and yet I can't go back to sleep. This just isn't right.

Blogger Re-Mailer

It occured to me the other day that bloggers need some sort of a mailing service.

There have been times when I'd really like to send someone a card "just because" or for a birthday or a get well thing. Or I'll see some silly little thing in the store and think it would be perfect for this blogger, or that one. Now I can't very well e-mail them and ask for their address. That would give away the whole surprise of a "just because" note! And we can't really go around leaving our addresses on our blogs. That's just asking for trouble.

So I'm thinking we need some sort of a re-mailer service.

A trusted someone sets up a PO Box and has that address available for whomever wants it. Bloggers register their addresses with that person. Then if blogger Joe wants to send something to blogger Pete he can send it to the PO Box and the person there turns around and mails it to Pete. Maybe include something like 50 cents or a dollar or do it through a Paypal account to cover mailing costs.

So someone get on that ok?


This post over at Melissa's made me giggle. OK, mostly it was her title that made me laugh. In a slightly sick and twisted sort of way.

Hmmm... I wonder if I can find a puking smilie?


Thanks to a wonderful person there may yet be hope.

July 9, 2003

The What of Battle Creek

OK, these commercials with the boxes of cereal growing on trees really annoy me. No one's buying your "harvesting cereal" nonesense. Crazy advertising people.

July 10, 2003

Happy Anniversary, To You!

I just realized that it's July 10th today. That means that it's my parent's wedding anniversary! 27 years ago they got married and three years later I came along.

So Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

I Love You!!

July 11, 2003


Control voice: It is said that Deafness of the ear doesn't matter when the mind hears. But what happens when the mind is deaf?

Continue reading "WIP" »


Thanks to some very kind people I just registered!!! Wooo-Hooo!!!!

I'm sorry, I'm a little excited about this.

July 12, 2003


Wonderful news at work for Syn. A promotion and a raise. And as an added bonus two of the more annoying members of the staff put in their two weeks.

Great news all around!

July 13, 2003

Is This Guy for Real?

I've seen the promos for it, but I actually watched most of an episode of I'm With Busey tonight. I think Gary Busey must be the most insane person I've ever seen!

Yikes. The man is a raving lunatic! Unless of course this whole thing is a show to get publicity. Which is quite possible considering it's Hollywood. But I'm pretty much just thinking he's nuts.

That was Fast

Just yesterday I listed my old PDA on ebay. I don't use it any more and I need money for Gnomedex! And someone just bought it. Horrah!

I'm getting excited.....

July 14, 2003

I Know, it's Another Quiz

My Bloginality is INFP.

I didn't completely agree with the description of this one, but I mostly did. I'm going to have to investigate some more. But if I'm remembering from high school Psych class correctly this was what I was then so it probably is accurate.

The first two letters are completely me, introverted and intuitive. That's 99% of how I operate. And feeling over thinking... that seems right too. Perceiving over judging though, I'm going to go look into that one a little bit more. I have to admit I don't really understand that "option" quite as well as the other three.

Update: After reading the profile of an INFP person here it fits me to a T!

Link found at bigSimon's

July 15, 2003


Feeling overlooked,
left behind,
taken advantage of

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July 16, 2003


I feel like a space station.

I feel like someone has poked a hole into my wall and my oxygen is leaking out. And with every bit of it that comes out the hole gets a little bigger, and then more air seeps out. And no matter how much I try to patch the hole it's never quite as strong there as it used to be.

Continue reading "Leaking" »

July 17, 2003

Looking Up

It's been 10 hours now since the last time I completely fell apart. I think the worst of it may be over. I sure hope so anyway.

It's so frustrating to be so out of control like this.

Happy Memeaversary?

Theme Thursday is one year old this week! So would that be a blogiversary? Or is it something else? A meme-aversary? At any rate it's a wonderful meme and I thoroughly enjoy it!

I'm Boring

Yeah. Me. I'm boring.

Today the most interesting thing I've done is buy a map. Yep, that's exciting. I already have really great maps of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and if I'm going to go geocaching while I'm at Gnomedex I need an Iowa one too. Yesterday I managed to plot a tentative route down there, geocaching all the way.

OK, I was just interupted and I need to share the reason. 'Cuz it's funny and stuff.

One of the stories today is about handguns and a Wisconsin senator trying to get a concealed carry law passed. When the producer was checking the script there was a typo in it, twice. The reporter had replaced the "g" in handgun with an "f". Yeah. The whole newsroom had to go look at the script.

July 18, 2003

Dear Nightline (and every other media place)

Thank you so much for reminding me that I'm fat. I really appreciate it. I believe you called me obese even! It's really helpfull to have my television telling me that every 15 minutes.

Because you know I don't tell myself that every time I look in the mirror, or whenever my clothes are a little tight. So I'm really glad that you keep reminding me.

July 19, 2003

What to Say...

Apparently I haven't been in a blogging mood today! I have been leaving messes in people's comments though so I've been kinda blogging. Just not in my own blog!

Let's see, what's going on in my life... I'm getting very excited about Gnomedex. I plotted my way down there through geocaches so that should be a lot of fun. There's a travel bug at one of the caches in the cities that I'm hoping is still there when I go through 'cuz I'd really like to snag it.

I finally got around to making myself a portal page. I wasn't sure if I'd use it, but now that I have it I love it. It's so much easier to have everything in one place. I don't have to hop between my main blog, the photoblog, the fid blog, and my favorites to get to all the places I want to get. It's nice. I don't think it'd be of much use to anyone else, but you can find it here if you're horribly interested. It's just a simple three column CSS creation with my standard blue & cream colors. So exciting I know.

I think my next big step will be to get thumbnails from the photoblog to show up over here. I'd really like to have that lineup of pictures somewhere. It'd be a lot easier for people to see when I update it.

I should go do work now, so I think I'll stop writing.

July 21, 2003

Last Minute Stuff

I haven't been feeling very chaty lately. Which is kinda odd.

I have been trying to get a bazillion things done before I leave on Wednesday morning. Why am I leaving on Wednesday? Especially since Gnomedex doesn't start until Friday.

Well... I'm planning on Geocaching my way down there all day Wednesday. I've got a route planned out hoping from cache to cache. Then Thursday I'm going to stop by the TV stations down there to drop off resume tapes. I'm so completely ready to move to a bigger market! So fingers crossed for that. Thursday night is dinner at Ohana with everybody Woot! and the start of the festivities. Just about 40 hours and I'm out of here! Horrah!

I so need this. I haven't had an honest to goodness vacation in I can't remember how long. Sure I've taken a day off here and there, but never more than a day. I've just been so stressed out lately. I'm really looking forward to having some time for me and to hang out with cool people and not have to worry about work junk. Even if there is some emergency I can't do anything about it from 5 hours away so don't bother calling me!

July 22, 2003


I'm tired and I still have entirely too much to get done. I didn't get up until it was too late to get anything done and now I'm stuck at work until 11:30 or so. I need to write up some kind of sheet for the guy that's filling in for me Thursday and Friday. There's a lot of stuff I do that I'm really the only one that's ever done them! So I'm not sure if he knows where it all goes. Gah, I have too much to do.

July 25, 2003


I'm in Des Moines! I wrote a post at a mall earlier while I was at a hotspot, but it doesn't seem to be here. I think I basically just said that I'm here! Oh and that I had a lot of fun geocaching my way down here. It's the best way to do a road trip, I'm convinced. Assuming of course that you don't need to be there right away!

I stopped at 5 spots, but I only found two of them. It was great fun regardless. Saw lots of critters. Saw snails, alive ones. I've only ever seen the shells before. While I was walking down a path at the Riverbend cache I turned a corner and just a foot away from me was a turkey! The sun was setting when I stopped at the last cache for the day. And lightning bugs showed up. I've only ever seen them once before and that was when I was really little. They were sooooo amazingly beautiful!

Ohana was amazing. The best steak I have ever had. Very cool.

I talked to Solonor for quite a while. And got a hug from Chey, met Jason and Gretchen. Gave Technodaddy a ride to Ohana, where I talked with this guy. I'm already having way too much fun and it's only Thursday!

Oh, and I did manage to drop off tapes two of the local stations. I talked with the production managers (both are chicks!) one on the phone, and one in person. I got the "nickle tour" of KCCI. Very cool. Neither of the stations are hiring right now, but I think (hope!) I've got a good chance if something does open up. Here's hoping right?

I've got tons of pictures already that I want to upload so I think I'm going to work on that now. Although I should really try to sleep at some point!


Chris is talking!

This is going to be sporadic because I've only got half an hour of battery left. Hopefully I can find an outlet soon...

Heehee! I'm having fun!

More Geeking

CmdrTaco from /. is on now.

Clever Title Here

I pasted this in now that I'm finally connecting.

It's 4:30ish and Kevin from Microsoft is on right now and my internet connection is being flaky so I'm writing this in Notepad and I'll paste it into an entry later.

He's actually pretty interesting. Not what I was expecting from a Micro$oft person. He keeps defending them against all the normal complaints. Kind of funny.

CmdrTaco was funny in a dorky/geek sort of way.

Just finished editing a bunch of pictures from Ohana last night. Hopefully I'll be able to upload them soon. I have some fun pictures of TBug Elmo too. (He visited the capitol yesterday)

Heh, he just said Synergy.

Random Noise Generator

No, not that one.

Beth the Microsoft chick is backstage playing a game, but her mic is still hot and she keeps squealing! It's quite funny.

I keep feeling like my blogging is quite lame, but I'm having a GREAT time!!! Maybe I'll be more coherent later...

Update: Joe would be in heaven right now. They're doing a demo (in surround sound) of a new version of Halo for the PC. Not something I'd be any good at, since it's a first person shooter and I'm absolutely horrid at that, but I know people who would be!

Random observation: the floor here is very, very squeaky!

If'n You Want More...

Go here. A whole big aggregated list of the blogging going on while we're all at the magnetic center of the geek universe.

Update: I have to see this Coral Reef thing! Looks absolutely amazing. Oh, and I posted some pictures over in the photoblog. Nothing horribly exciting, but they're there. Jason is (of course) taking much better pictures than anyone else, but I'm not exactly sure where he's posting them.


I'm pretty sure I did something wrong, but every time I put my card reader and my wifi card into my pci slots at the same time, my 'puter crashes! Quite annoying. I'll have to mess with it tonight. I don't really feel like dealing with it right now.

Microsoft is giving away all kinds of geek goodies later tonight. Heehee! *crosses fingers*

Update: I'm not sure what I was expecting, but the Microsoft guy is just finishing up and he was actually kind of cool. Maybe I was expecting stuffy and dry?

Better Than Me

I found the link to the pictures that Jason has been taking at Gnomedex. They're here.

People I've Met

I'm just going to write a post and put everybody I've met so far in that. Here it is (this one I'll keep updating) and pretty much in order of when I met them.

Jim (another one)

More to come I'm sure!

Smells are Wafting

They're making popcorn. It smells absolutely wonderful.

For Syn

Karoke is happening right now...

Whomever is singing right now is doing "Piano Man"

I knew you'd like to know!

July 26, 2003

Day Two!

Is it really the second day already? Time is going so fast!

Listened to Chris talk about RSS for a while. (and answer lots of questions about said subject) and now we're all just hanging out waiting for everything to start up again.

And if you're the Jane that sent me the e-mail last night... come find me! I tried to send you an e-mail which I'm hoping worked. I had to go about it the bass ackwards way because Outlook (yeah I know, I should use something else) won't send anything! I'm the nut in the Gnomedex 3.0 T-shirt with the huge multi-colored purse.

In the mundane that is my life category... my sandal broke last night! Piffle Fribbits! It took me forever to find a pair I liked and now they broke. I ended up wearing my dressier shoes that I brought to wear to stations on Thursday. Speaking of stations... *begin subliminal message mode* hire me, hire me, hire me, hire me, hire me *end subliminal message mode* Do you think it worked?

Happy Birthday to You

It's Chris' birthday today. He just got a spontaneous round of *singing* Happy Birthday to You (ok, I'll stop singing now) and now he's talking about his "geek bulge". Yeah. Don't ask.

It's now time for "Building a Home Media Server" I wonder if this would be a cheaper alternative to Tivo? Or better? I'm going to have to pay attention to this guy. extremetech, this guy is one of the hyperest geeks here I think!


Murphy's Law

When you NEED something to work it won't. Especially if you're trying to show someone how something works. It's just the way things work! Or don't work rather.

I'm in Love

The whole world should have wifi. I'm loving this! I go anywhere and beep boop, I'm on-line! Claim a patch of floor, or a table, (hopefully near an outlet!) and I'm a happy camper.

I'm definately looking into that Monet service when I get home. If I can figure out the money part of it. I think it's the same price as my cable modem. I'm going to have to investigate. If I can go anywhere in town and plug in... Oh Boy!

Happy Birthday, Part 2

They're doing this hilarious "old pictures of Chris" thing now. It's quite amusing! Gotta love old embarassing pictures and stories...

Well Known

It's time for Tim O'Reilly. You know, the guy that does those books with the funky looking animals on the covers? Yeah, that guy. Talking about open source. And the "Paradigm Shift" I'm realizing that I sat next to him just about all day yesterday without knowing it.

I'm reading (listening to in the car) a book right now that's talking about a paradigm shift. It's a sci-fi book, but it deals with the entire world (solar system in this case) changing. The way you think about everything changes drastically.

There's some connection here with blogging and the way that bloggers think. Will have to ponder that.

"An invention has to make sense in the world in which it is finished, not the world in which it is started" - Ray Kurzweil

"The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed yet." - William Gibson

Big Brains

Only at Gnomedex can I have IM conversations across the room while Tim O'Reilly talks followed by John Dvorak. This place is incredible. (Even if I don't understand half of what people are talking about.)

I'm not really sure what he's going to end up talking about, but so far he's pretty funny.

I like this. People telling geeky jokes and everybody laughs. It's truly the *in echoing voice* Fellowship of the Geeks!

He's the first person I've heard tell people to actually buy any HDTV stuff.

And he doesn't like blogs? What? How can you not like blogs?

OK, the ones he's using as examples are bad. But there's lots of incredible stuff happening out there in blogland.

He was just talking about pissing off the "Cluetrain folks" I think I'm one of the only ones that laughed. I'm not one of the Cluetrain people, but I know a number of them. Haha! I actually knew a really obscure geeky thing. Go me.

People are Dumb

I'm surfing a little to the various blogathoners sites and saw that Laurence is talking about that crazy "Bambi shooting" thing.

When I was at work Sunday night I was messing around on-line long enough for the morning producer to come in. He always switches one of the TV's to CNN or FoxNews or MSNBC or something. They were doing a story on it. I said something along the lines of "For Pete's Sake! It's a hoax! Let it GO already!" He then decided that he should argue with me with the position that it was real. Goodness sakes boy. How gullible are you.

"But I saw the video!" You work in TELEVISION goofus, you know how easy it is to fake stuff. Most of the time he's pretty smart but my word.

Dan Gillmor

How blogs have affected and been affected by the "real world"


Trent Lott


What is different between what the networks say and what the blogs say. I've heard similar comparisons over at Michele's and Jeneane's before, but it's still a good thing to hear, a good thing to think about.

Update: I'm really enjoying this guy. I could listen to this kind of stuff all day. All about blogs and why they are important. OK everybody, the next conference we need is a blogging conference. Who wants to work on setting that up?

Lots of outlets, wifi, and bloggers everywhere. All talking, with their hands and their voices. I'd be there in a second.

Update number 2:

He's talking about Command Post now. Amazing things happening out there.

How bloggers protect each other. How we check each other's facts, how we deal with hoaxes. "KayCee Nicole" was the example he used. Can anyone say Zander? We have to choose who to trust, figure out who is worth listening to. If this person says jump do we ignore them? do we ask how high? do we do something in the middle? Does it depend on who says it?

Update 3:

The DMCA, Hollywood, Micro$oft, and how it will affect us. I like this guy a lot! He's talking about all the important things in our world. Yes, it's a real world. It's not something tangible, but it is most definately real. And it's ours and we need to protect it.

Subject Change

Somehow I got from checking on how Michele's blogathon blogging is going and ended up at a site about the meanings of song lyrics. Came across this song. I'm sitting here in the middle of this conference crying!

Beware, it's country and I don't usually like that and to be honest I've never heard the song, but the lyrics are very powerful.

July 27, 2003

Last For Tonight

I'm quite tired so I'm going to just post this one thing and then go to sleep.

The view from the penthouse is very nice.

There will be pictures of said view when I'm more awake, and on a connection that will let me upload at a decent speed.

Just so's You Know

I'm packing up my stuff and getting close to checking out of my hotel. It's raining, which is a lovely change from yesterday's insane humidity, so there won't be any geocaching happening on the way home. Unless it gets nicer as I drive of course!

I had an amazing time this weekend and I'm already looking forward to next year. There will be lots more pictures and posts and all that when I get home on a connection that actually works for more than 3 minutes at a time!

Oh, and Laurence, check the comments on your post with the link to me. I wasn't talking about you! I think you skipped a sentence while you were reading my post. :)


I have quite possibly the coolest mom in the world.

I almost thought I was in the wrong apartment when I opened my door tonight. My mom rocks!

To the Person in the SUV Behind me on the Way Home

I'm already on the verge of a panic attack when I have to pass a semi (let alone two) and you sitting right on my butt flashing your brights in my mirrors really isn't helping!

Thank you.

July 28, 2003


So my sandal broke Friday night. Very annoying. It was raining when I left my hotel yesterday, but it quit as I headed north so I decided to try some geocaching. Hiking in somewhat dressy shoes is not a good idea!

I started looking for a city that would have a Target/WalMart/ShopKo type of store so I could buy some new sandals. I finally found a Sears in Mason City and went searching for shoes.

Last summer had the capris for pants discovery. I can now add buying kids shoes to my file of weird clothing decisions. Yep, my feet really are that small. I found a pair of sandals that I like, that fit, that were made for kids. I'm just a big ol' weirdo!

Pictures and Such

Just thought I'd let everyone know...

I'm slowly getting my pictures from Gnomedex posted over in the photoblog. There's already a bunch up, but there's lots more that are just on my hard drive and haven't been resized yet. So if you want to see pictures from this weekend go over there!

July 29, 2003

Again, Again!

It would seem to be official. Chris says there will be a Gnomedex 4.0. I'm there.

It was such a completely wonderful experience!

I know. Sooner or later I'll quit talking about how much fun it was. Eventually anyway

July 30, 2003

So What do I Call You?

This lady legally changed her name to "GoVeg.com" and what may be a contributing factor ('cuz they're all a little loony there) she works for PETA. Such weirdness!

Can I Get an Editor?

I have the day off from work today because I'm working Saturday and Sunday. And this way I won't work 10 or 11 days straight.

So I'm sitting here catching up on my blogs and watching tv. I flipped to the repeat of last night's Daily Show. He just talked about this article from the New York Times obituaries (Yeah I know, gotta register and all that) about Bob Hope. The thing is, the guy in the byline? Apparently he died back in 2000. Shouldn't someone be checking these things before they go to print?

Update: here's an article from the New York Post about the whole thing.

July 31, 2003

A Housewarming is in Order

Go over and welcome LillyAnne to her new house! She's getting all settled and it's wonderful. Welcome home LillyAnne!

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