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And One More Thing

All you weirdos that have put comments on this post... Did you see the date on it? It's from last November! If I didn't have MT set to e-mail me comments I'd have never known that you said something.

What's the deal with people commenting on a post from ages ago? Is there some weird non-blogger gene that makes people not understand the concept of a date? And it's never actual bloggers. It's people who just leave an e-mail address (if anything)

OK, I'm really done now. Just had to add that one little tidbit.


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*snort* I can't imagine the google hits you've gotten from that one. Probably why so many people have found it and commented. Actually, that's why I started having comments e-mailed to me in the first place - I couldn't keep track of everybody commenting on old posts. :)

Ya want the script to turn them off after a certain number of days? I got one. I think Robyn or Lisa someone just posted them again, too.

I hated to shut off the comments, actually. I'd like to hear it when someone has something relevant to say (even about a year-old post). But most of the time it was just idiots clicking in from Google and finding it irresistable to leave a stupid comment.

Not "Lisa someone", Lisa OR someone...sheesh!

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