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Approaching a Milestone

Assuming I keep getting visitors at about the same rate I should be hitting 10,000 visitors sometime around Tuesday or Wednesday!

Also, just out of curiosity... are any of you using my Portal Page? I don't really care, but it seems that there's more hits for it in my page stats than there should be with just me using it. Not a problem, just curious!

Abrupt change of subject...

There's no dance class this Sunday or the next :( If it were available, and I could fit it into my schedule, I seriously think I'd go just about every day.

Another subject change...

I officially start my flunky part-time job on Saturday. I'm not anticipating any problems. It seems straightforward enough. We'll see how that goes!

I think that's it for the subject changes! But you never know when I might show up again...


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I think 10 K was my most anticipated milestone. Definitely celebrate it!


I think I figured out why your getting hits through your portal page. You are using it to get to my site. So when I look at my referrer logs I see http://www.sunidesus.net/Portal.html which I then click to get to your portal page. . Something about going around in circles.

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