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Calling All Geeks!

I found the Scriptygoddess restricted access hack which does exactly what I was wanting. However... I totally don't understand where to put what parts! Eep!

The first thing that I think I might have a problem with is that it says that my site has to be using php. I know my host supports php, but does that mean that I have to convert my blog from html to php? I just barely understand html, do I need to learn something new to make this work?

That's my first big problem. (emphasis on the "first") It looks like the end result is exactly what I want, so I'll probably be trying to implement it. It's just a lot more complicated than anything I've ever successfully gotten to work in the past so I'm a little nervous about it. Shouldn't be, I know. But I am.

My only other option is to completely change domains which I REALLY don't want to do. I've been "Sunidesus" on-line since the first day my dad set us up with AOL way back in middle school. That's me! And I really don't like being forced into changing that. There's really only two people that I'm worried about seeing anything here and if there was a way to keep them away then this wouldn't be a problem. But it seems that it's going to have to be complicated.


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