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Expanding on the Previous

I'm going to start this off by saying that I don't have a problem with gay people. I think they have as much right to be here as the next person. You can agree or disagree with me on the rest of this, that's up to you. You can try to change my mind if you want. But we should all agree that everyone has the same right to be on this earth and to be treated with respect.

That being said, I also believe that homosexual behavior is a sin. I don't think its the worst sin ever, in fact it isn't any better or worse than any other sin. All sin is equal. Someone who practices homosexual behavior isn't any more or less sinful than someone who steals, or someone that is materialistic, or someone who takes the Lord's name in vain. We all sin. We are all sinful beings. That's part of being human.

So do I think someone who is gay can be a Christian? Of course! Just like I can be a Christian even though I sin. I know I already said it, but we all sin. Being sinful doesn't make it impossible to be a Christian. That's not how it works. We are Christians because we realize we are sinful and realize that we need God to cleanse those sins.

The problem I have with a gay bishop or priest is their position of leadership. A person in that position is supposed to be an example.

In the current case, Gene Robinson lives an openly gay lifestyle. By accepting this in a leader, the Episcopalian church is saying that it's ok for their priests and bishops to ignore God's word. That it's ok to live sinfully without repenting.

When I look at my pastor I'm looking at someone who I expect to do his best to follow God's laws. I do not expect someone perfect. That would be unreasonable. But to look at a pastor, or priest, or bishop and know that they are going home to sin and that they don't think that what they're doing is wrong? I have a problem with that.

I know I sin, I know I do it every day. But I know it's wrong, I know I'm not supposed to. But sometimes I mess up! We all do. And then we get up the next day and try to do better. Robinson is saying that he sins and there's nothing wrong with that. That he's not going to try to do better. That he's not going to repent. I don't think that's an ok thing in someone who is held up as an example of a man of God.

So that's how I feel on the subject. That's what I believe. You can agree or disagree, that's up to you.


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You certainly didn't have to explain, but thank you for doing so. I wasn't sure what you meant by your previous post, and I respect your opinion that much more now that I know where you're coming from.

We ultimately may not agree (hey, I'm neither an Episcopal nor a Christian, anyway) but I'm very glad that you shared how you honestly felt. Hats off to you. :)

Well said. I agree with you 100%.


I didn't have time to write a longer post when I did that first one, so as soon as I could I wrote the longer version. I was just getting more and more annoyed all day and if a person's own blog isn't the right place for saying how I feel then where is?


Oh Suni - you know I agree wtih you 100% on that one.

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