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Fun and Sore Muscles

Syn and I had our very first Irish dance class today! We have to drive about an hour and a half to get there, but it was totally worth it. Lots of fun! It's at a school called Scoil na d'Tri and I'm exhausted and sore, but it was such fun. We'll be going back on Sundays from now on I think. Just gotta buy the right shoes now. And practice! We learned a very basic first step that they called "hop one two three" I'm going to be hop one two three-ing around the station all night tonight I think. :)

Also it's Syn's birthday today!! WooHoo! A bunch of people from work went out last night to celebrate. I have a few lets call them 'interesting' pictures. Some shots, some fire, something blue, and some very loud music. I actually had fun too and I don't usually enjoy bars. I may have to post some of them later... heehee!


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