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Geek History

I'm watching Failure is Not an Option on the history channel right now. It's fascinating. All about the mission control guys at NASA during the heyday of the space program. Lots of amazing video and current interviews with the controllers and some of the astronauts. Incredible stuff.

Ooohhh! And it's based on the book by one of the flight controllers. I have to find and read it now!

I've been fascinated with space for as long as I can remember. I dream of the day when it's a commercially available thing. I would jump at the slightest chance of being able to go up there. I'd love to have loads of money just so I could do what that Tito guy did a year or so ago.


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If you are ever in Houston and want to see NASA, Let me know, it has been YEARS since I was out there. I remember going to Nasa before they had "Space Center Houston" It is SO much fun.


I'm right there with you. Send me! Send me!


My very good friend, Ted has been working for NASA as a project manager for almost twenty years. He has been involved in the Hubble and Shuttle programs. His brother-in-law, Tim is in the shuttle program and is a shuttle astronaut. Unfortunately he has not flown a mission yet. I hope he gets to.


That is incredibly cool. I would go in a heartbeat.

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