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Great, Now THAT's in my Head!

Christine has a post about the Skippy Squeeze thingy commercial with which she sings along and annoys Jason. It made me think of this and I just had to share:

I'm just a guy, just a man and a dude and I'm hungry!
And I'm goin' real fast cuz I'm headed first class for steak at Taco Bell.
Jonesin' for a grilled steak taco, steak's the king of meat.
So I run and I walk 'cuz I can't find a horse to ride there!
Gotta shimmy, gotta shake, for a marinated steak. It's found at Taco Bell.
Grilled steak tacos! From Taco Bell!!!!!!!!


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see also "How to irritate the newsies with one simple song!" Heh heh heh

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