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Hey All!

Well, the short version is that I had a really crappy day at work. The long version I can't say right now. But I'm going to have to have some sort of restricted entries thing. Which I REALLY don't want to do. This is my blog and I shouldn't have to change something just because my boss doesn't like what I wrote. I wasn't on a work computer when I wrote it. I was on my computer. I didn't name specific people or link to where I work.

So I ended up yanking a post, and now I'm going to have to investigate different ways to password/restrict certain areas of this place. But not all of it. Ideally what I'd like is to have two different kinds of entries (maybe categories?) stuff that everyone can read and stuff that you can read if I've said it's OK. If I've said it's OK I'd like for everything to look like it does now. But if I haven't said it's OK then the restricted posts would just show up as "This is restricted, ask me for access" or something like that.

I think I saw someone's that did something similar ages ago, but I don't remember who it was to ask them how to do it! So... I'm going to put this out there for all of you. I'll of course be searching myself, but does anyone know how to do what I'm talking about?

Gotta go do work now.


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I think that Tampatantrum (http://www.tampatantrum.com)did something like that or you could just not post those things, I know it sucks to hold back, I have been there, not offending anyone is almost impossible. blogging is not as easy as it looks. hope that helps, if you need anything else you know where to find me.


were you "on the clock" when you posted?


I'm catching up so I don't know yet if the hack you linked to at ScriptyGoddess is the one that Christine (BigPinkCookie) and Jennifer (Working Mom) came up with, but they both do restricted posts and they have it so that even newsreaders won't get around the process.

I agree about the work situation. It really shines a light on the whole "at will" nature of our general working population.

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