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Hope Everyone's OK!

Now something happens (like the power being out on the east coast eek!) and I immediately think, "Are the bloggers OK?"

I know you guys don't have power right now, but I'm hoping you're all OK and will have fun stories to tell us once you get your power back!


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I'm sitting here at work and we've had frantic calls from some of our customers and our east coast branch, saying that the power and cell phones are out. I didn't think much of it until you mentioned it as well, and then I found that the top four headlines on Yahoo are about it - wow! Didn't know it was that big. Hopefully everything gets fixed up quickly.

Hello from Rochester, NY! We just got our power back about one hour ago! Everyone was acting like we are seeing the end of the world!!!!!! Unbelievable! Thanks goodness that I have my own text-pager to contact my friends to see what actually happened. Glad that everything is going okay right now! :-) I'm back and alive!


So internet guru, any idea as to why I don't seem to be updating on blogrolls anymore?? I've had a few updates and nothings ever shifted. Bah.

Anyway, hope you're having a good night. I'm off to bed soon

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