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Making Progress

Step one is complete (I hope)

I've managed to ban the ip's of two key places so hopefully that'll at least put some space between me and them.

And to mister annonymous commenter two posts down... well, I don't really know what to say to you. I'm pretty sure I know exactly who you are so you aren't really annonymous. But I have the urge to find a script that works like the one on /. and replaces the user name of annonymous people with "Annonymous Coward" That'd be more fun.

Gah! This is NOT how I wanted to spend my day! Although Syn did take me out to dinner because of it and that was lovely.


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psssst....you wanna show me how to pan the work IP's too??! ;)


duh, make that BAN!


Of course!

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