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Notes to Self

Just some reminders to myself of how to do the various stuff we learned at class yesterday...

Cut - foot in front towards pocket
Hop - kick butt
High - knee towards chin
"3's" - (Hop 1, 2, 3)
"7's" - High, right - close, right - close, right - close

Always remember crossover & turnout & arms!

Step we learned yesterday:
High, right - close, High, right - close,
High, right - close, right - close, right - close
High, 7's in a circle to the right
High, High, Leap, left - close

Same to the left

Hop 1 2 3
High, 2 3 (or was this High, High 2 3? to make it work with 4/4?)

[Update] for a drill it has to be High 1 2 3, just like with the Hop. Otherwise you end up doing the entire thing on the same leg. [/Update]

Can you do 7's with any opening move? Like "Cut, right - close, right - close, right - close"? Or do 7's always start with a High?

I'm much less sore than I was at this time after class #1. I'm really wanting the right size shoes now so I can start working on breaking them in. Heehee! Having fun! Now my parents won't be the only ones dancing around all the time.


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