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Scanner Traffic


There is a person in a wheelchair in the middle of the road.


He appears to be sleeping or passed out.


Complainant says she went out and woke the person up. He admitted to being asleep.



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ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet that he forget to set the brakes on the wheelchair while sitting outside, and then take a nap or something. This might be causing the wheelchair to roll down the hill unexpectedly from the nursing home. This is gonna to be the latest news in the "Oddly Enough" category of Yahoo! News. LOL! ;-)


What is up with us and weird ass scanner traffic lately????!! Yipe!


I know I've been sitting in the newsroom more lately so I've been able to hear the scanner. But there does seem to be an awfull lot of weirdness recently!

Also heard something about loud fireworks and the first thought was "Joe?" :)

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