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Sooooo Much Fun!

Had class number two today. Learned a bunch of new parts and even have enough to put it together into whole step! Sweated like a pig the whole time. But it was fun so that's ok. I drank almost 2 liters of water to make up for it.

After class we went to Irish on Grand to get shoes. They had them for not too much money and Syn loaned me a little and we both got shoes! I just laced mine up and tried them on and they're a tad too big. The next time I'm in the cities I'll have to exchange them for a half size smaller.

And! The chick that taught us today (Joanne I think) said that if we kept doing well we might be able to start hard shoes around Christmas time! Woot! I'm really enjoying the soft shoe stuff, but the hard shoes look like even more fun.

So after an absolutely horrid Friday. I've had an amazing weekend. Horrah!


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I'm glad that you had a great weekend after what happened last Friday! :-)


Me Too!

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