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Stretching my Brain

I just signed up for a web programming class at the local university! It covers html, java, and css. I'm sure I'll know some of it, sorta know other bits, and some will be completely new (like the java!) I'm looking forward to it.

I don't think I've taken an actual class for at least two years. I took an astronomy class the spring of 2000, and I took a Deaf Culture class the summer of 2001, but I think that's the last structured thing I did.

It's 12-2 on Monday and then 1-2 on Wed. & Fri. And campus is very close to my house so I'll be walking (or hop-1-2-3ing maybe) since there are very few parking places that are closer than my house! Starts next Wednesday.

In other random happenings...

I sent off 7 more resume tapes on Tuesday *crosses fingers for a phone call* and spent three hours taking resumes around town looking for a part time job.

Remember the flunky part-time job I was supposed to start on Saturday? Yeah. That didn't happen. I got a phone call on Friday that they had been bought and that everyone who was scheduled on Saturday "wasn't scheduled any more, but you should feel free to re-apply". Yeah. K then! So we're back to square one on that front.


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Bummer on the job, but the class sounds fun. Do you think they'll be teaching PHP?

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