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Such a Baby Face!

I'm watching this episode of Head of the Class on Nick at Night and there's a very young, very cute Brad Pitt as the guest star!

It's so odd seeing actors in stuff from ages ago. They look so little!


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There is a Twilight Zone from about an eon ago that had a very young William Shatner. There have also been several commercials with a then 16 year old John Travolta.

It's fun to see.

Wow...it has been a long time since I last watched Head of the Class.


I love Head of the Class. :) I never get to watch it all the way through anymore, 'cause I leave by 3:45 usually but it's just fine.

Somewhere I'd love to find the episode of "Class of 1996" that Gillian Anderson is in. That would be a scream!

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