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Tonight at Ten...

We'll have the game that looked like it was going to go really late, but then didn't because there was lightning. So we actually hit on time on a Monday Night Football night! I think that's maybe happened once that I can think of.

And now I'm waiting for everyone to leave (or at least Jerry, Jocko can stay) so I can hop-1-2-3 around the building. I can't practice at home very well because I don't have enough empty space. I could practice in my parents' basement though... I might have to try that. They're always dancing in the kitchen I should be able to dance in the basement!

I also need to finish Northland yet tonight. I actually have most of the dubs finished already, did them in between shows. I only have four dubs to do and 9 tapes to put spots on. That's actually hardly any compared to a normal night. I might actually get out of here somewhat early on a Monday night. Weird!

I have some deep thoughts about today's events that I've been thinking about blogging all day. I may or may not write a big long political post later, I'll just have to see how I'm feeling about it later when I have time to think.

Oh! One more very exciting thing. I'm going to see Cirque on Friday with my mom and Syn! Woot! The newest show Varekai is in Chicago and we're going. Horrah! It should be lots of fun.

I think that's all the oh so exciting updates on my life (at the moment anyway) What are all of you up to?


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Wow, so how far are you from Chi-town? Have some deep-dish pizza for me :)


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