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What Makes You Happy?

Chey wants to know what makes you happy.

Here goes! (I'll probably be adding to this through the day as I think of things)

Getting a hug.
My birdie snuggling up to me and being comfortable enough to fall asleep.
An ice cold Coke.
Working really hard on a project and then being told I did a good job.
Puppy & kitty kisses.
Finding the perfect present for someone and seeing their face when they open it.
Chocolate! (the darker the better!)
A winter night with big fluffy snowflakes falling so that everything is all bright.
Crisp fall days when the leaves are at their peek of crunchiness & color.


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My kids,Iced, soy, white mochas from starbucks and JAY MOHR!!!!!!!!


How did I know you'd say something about Jay?

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