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100 Things

I've really enjoyed reading other people's 100 Things lists, so I decided to do my own. It took a couple hours to come up with all of them, but I finally managed it so here they are!

I'm also working on my story for Michele's Voices project. Hopefully I'll be able to send that off soon as well.

1. I'm 24 (as of today, I'll be 25 on June 26, 2004)
2. I have very long hair.
3. I like the way it feels when I crack my neck.
4. I kinda like the way that grosses people out. ;)
5. I'm a virgin.
6. I've never been on a date.
7. The idea of sex is quite icky to me! (hetero & homo)
8. I know three languages. English, ASL, and French.
9. I took one year of German in high school.
10. I don't remember very much of it.
11. I tried to teach myself Braille once.
12. I only remember a few letters.
13. I love Coke with a passion!
14. I'm also a little obsessed with parrots.
15. I'm a geek.
16. But not as much as a lot of people I know on-line.
17. But more than most people I know in person.
18. I actually like my parents.
19. I carry my camera everywhere.
20. I've had it about a year and have taken nearly 6,000 pictures with it.
21. My friends have gotten used to me taking pictures of everything.
22. Most of my relatives know about my blog.
23. They keep track of what I'm up to that way.
24. I watch a lot of TV.
25. I like milk a LOT.
26. I'll drink it in 32 ounce glasses without a problem.
27. Cheese is also a good thing.
28. I'm from the dairy state, go figure.
29. I'm short.
30. Just barely over 5 feet.
31. I can't imagine being tall.
32. I've only had short hair for two years of my life.
33. It was from kindergarten to 2nd grade.
34. I started taking piano lessons in 2nd grade.
35. I kept going until the middle of high school.
36. I still play, I just don't take lessons.
37. I took violin lessons in middle school.
38. It was required.
39. I quit as soon as it wasn't.
40. I wish I had taken choir.
41. I'd like to know how to sing.
42. Other than in my car I mean, because I'm quite good at that.
43. If there's lemon wedges in my drink at a restaurant I'll eat them.
44. Most people I know think that's weird.
45. I like hugs.
46. I've been called a grammar nazi.
47. I try not to correct people too much.
48. I've never seen an episode of Gilligan's Island.
49. I watch TVLand and Animal Planet a lot.
50. I love eggs.
51. And French pastries.
52. Now I'm hungry.
53. I don't react well to being yelled at.
54. I'm a Christian.
55. I'm also pro-life.
56. I don't like football, basketball, baseball, or golf.
57. But I do like hockey!
58. And gymnastics and figure skating.
59. I hate being hot.
60. I like being cool enough that snuggling under a comforter feels good.
61. My best friend is the opposite.
62. I really don't like talking on the phone.
63. I leave horrible answering machine messages, very rambly.
64. I've worn glasses since the summer after 5th grade.
65. My prescription is currently 20/600.
66. If I could afford it I would get lasik done.
67. I had my growth spurt the summer after 7th grade.
68. It was one inch.
69. I have very small feet.
70. But they're also very wide.
71. It makes buying shoes difficult.
72. My apartment is less than a mile from my parent's house.
73. I declared bankruptcy this year.
74. It was a very good decision.
75. I only use cash now.
76. I have a tendancy to kill plants.
77. I wish I had time to go geocaching more often.
78. Until a few months ago I hadn't shaved my legs for at least two years.
79. My mom cuts my hair.
80. Usually about once a year.
81. I dyed it for the first time ever a few months ago.
82. I'd like to do it again.
83. I hate roller coasters.
84. But I love water slides.
85. I don't like elevators.
86. I hate the feeling in my tummy when I ride one.
87. I have a frog collection.
88. I'm a Trekkie.
89. My favorite series in Next Gen.
90. My favorite character is Geordi.
91. I like most sci-fi things.
92. I read a lot.
93. I adore Shakespeare.
94. I had some poetry published when I was a freshman in high school.
95. I have a desk that's really only used to store things.
96. I eat a lot of popcorn.
97. I still feel like a kid most of the time.
98. My new summer sandals are boys size 5 sandals from Sears.
99. I almost always wear shorts or jeans and a T-shirt.
100. I've been medicated for depression since the beginning of 1997.


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Ooh... I remember doing one of those. I think it's here.

Bad vision? Wow! Someone who knows what I feel. Only mine is far-sighted in one eye and near-sighted in the other.


Oooh, so what is this 100 Things thing? Are they questions you have to answer from somewhere or do you just say 100 things about yourself?!! I wanna play!! I love stuff like that, even if I think I did know everything on your list. :)

My prescription is worse than yours! They tell me that right now, Lasik wouldn't correct my vision to the point where I wouldn't have to wear contacts. So yeah, not like I could afford it anyway. heh. :)

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