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A Question of Protocol

When you're at a restaurant and your server's shift ends, to whom to you give the tip? She was very good while she was here, but now it's someone else (who isn't very good, as they haven't been by in the past 40 minutes or so to refil my pop) and I would like to make sure my tip goes to the good server! Anybody know what one does in this situation?

And to answer the question I know you're thinking... Yes I'm blogging in a restaurant. I'm sitting at Perkins in a booth next to an outlet. I just really didn't want to go home yet so I decided to treat myself to a midnight omelet.


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Which leads me to the question....where do you get internet access in a Perkins?

I know in a lot of places they pool their tips anyway, so your tip might not go to your specific server.


Monet Mobile is my ISP. They offer broadband wireless throughout the city. I can get on-line with my laptop from anywhere. It's very cool.


they look good, their pricing doesn't seem to bad either...
as for the tip, being the pop-addicted that I am, I would have no problem walking to the manager after and letting them know this is for the other one.


Give the tip to the manager. Ask that it be given to the good server.

Blogging in a Perkins' - that has got to be a first ;)

I'd make sure my tip went to the person who originally waited on me. So yes, I'd probably pay the manager or something.

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