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I am sooo on the verge of dropping this class. This prof is driving me bonkers. She seems to think that Dreamweaver is the be-all and end-all of coding.

She keeps badgering me about hand-coding. Today she wanted to know if I had switched to Dreamweaver yet. NO you crazy woman. I don't have the money to shell out for a program that's just going to annoy me. On Monday in lab I did almost the entire thing in the code part because the program didn't do what I wanted it to.

I did meet one nice chick (we were partners in lab on Monday) her name's Jami. She might be stopping by here so everybody be nice 'k?


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I understand what you are saying. I use Dreamweaver but I also hand code. A lot of time I'll do the bulk of stuff in DW and then clean it up in HTML-Kit.

I actually used to use Frontpage - it was a requirement of my job...as soon as I found DW and a good text editor, I never looked back!

Stick to your guns! It will be worth it!

What's wrong with using our famous MS Notepad? All of these beautiful websites we have seen are always coming from Notepad.........coming from scratch! ;-) LOL!


Exactly! Notepad won't assume you want it one way when you want it a different way. It won't stick weird code in that you don't need or want. And it comes free with any windows OS!


If you go to work for someone they may expect you to have Dreamweaver in your skill set. Better than trying to work in Frontpage!


Bah, the problem is the assumption that anyone who understands HTML actually needs to *learn* a wysiwyg editor like Dreamweaver to do a medium to high level webpage. The interfaces are built to be I-Know-Nothing-and-I-want-to-know-less friendly.

Though if someone just wanted to plop the latest copy of an *extremely* expensive Dreamweaver in my lap, I'd gladly use it to make pages for people who don't care about how clean and compliant their code is. If you only care what it looks like on the outside you can make and manage a much larger website much faster (that is after you spend forever getting all your CSS classes setup in their control panel.)

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