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Attention Parrot Lovers!

I just saw a promo for tomorrow's episode of Pet Star on Animal Planet. I don't usually watch that show because the few times I have the annoying 7 year old who has a pet that sorta does something vaguely trick like wins. Instead of the adult with the very well trained and multi-talented pet. It annoys me.

But back to the subject!

The promo showed the most adorable little Black-Headed Caique doing lots of tricks. So now I'm going to have to watch just to see that little bundle of feathers.

The few caiques that I've met have been very playful and fun, and this one looks like no exception!

Before I adopted Mione from a friend I had been thinking that I'd like a second parrot. (You can read all about my beautiful birdies here) A caique was way up on the list of possiblities for a second bird. But now I've got Dolce & Mione and there really isn't space for a third, or the time!

[Update: I'm trying to find a better link to a species site for the Caique, that one is to a breeder that ships birds and I'm not a fan of that practice. Stand-by!]

[Update #2: All fixed!]


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