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Baby Faces

I have no idea what movie it is that I'm watching, but it has very baby-faced Matt Damon, Chris O'Donnell, Brenden Fraser, and Ben Affleck. They're all so little and cute! They're all at some sort of boys prep or boarding school or something. No idea what it is.

Update: Whatever channel this is it doesn't seem to have commercials. HBO maybe? I'm at a hotel and I don't know the channels and looking up the channel would involve getting up and finding the hotel guide thing. Don't really want to do that at the moment. And I haven't been motivated enough to try to imdb it.

Matt Damon just dropped the n word! Yikes! I didn't think that was allowed ever. And the guys it's about are very concerned about a French class. I'm actually understanding a lot of the french though so that's cool. I haven't actually used my french in years. I'm amazed I'm remembering any of it.

Update #2: Most of the guys are very anti-semitic in this movie. It seems to be set in the 50's and it's this big scandal that one of their classmates is Jewish. Weird.


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I'm betting its school ties or something like that

It is School Ties. ;)


See, I didn't even have to do an imdb search or anything. You guys figured it out for me.


Damn, I remember wanting the movie poster for that so bad when it came out. The movie was okay but then anything with Brendan Frasier dancing in it can't be all bad.

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