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Bird Blogging

I know lots of cat bloggers, but I know there must be some bird bloggers out there! Have any of you traveled/moved with your birds? Not just across town. We're talking a couple days of driving. What's the best way to go about it?

I'd like to get travel cages for the Fids, which looks like it'll run me about $25 or $30 for each birdie. But the smaller cages would be a lot easier to handle than their everyday ones. I'm honestly not sure if their normal cages would even fit through my car door! And if they did fit they'd take up the entire back seat which'd leave very little space for anything else.

I don't want to stress the two of them out at all, so I'm wanting to do this the best way possible. Dolce I'm sure will be fine. He's always liked car rides so I'm not too worried about him. But Mione hasn't been in cars very often so I'm not as sure about how she'll react.

Anyway! I appear to be babbling.

I just have so much to do! There's an apartment I'm applying for that I really hope I get. It's gorgeous and not too expensive and it's only 5 minutes from the station where I'm going to be working. How perfect is that? So keep your fingers crossed that that works out.


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that's why you just ask me! Car rides didn't seem to bother her at all, she just does what she always does...sits around and watches the world go by, or chatters to herself. :) So now ya know. ;) HAve a good day!


Wanted to leave you this link about "Bowling for Columbine." The movie is absolutely factual...or
Michael Moore would've had his ass sued off...as would the production company that made the film. Check it out. I've been researching this whole time since the comment you left on my blog. Thanks for making me dig deeper. ; )

Unfortunately I'm allergic to birds.:( good luck with the apartment!

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