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It's Not Working

I've now taken ibuprofen twice and nothing's changed. If I go up or down my stairs and use my right leg it just gets worse. Can't really bend over forwards at all.

I went searching through WebMD and found a nerve pressue thing that seems to match, but I'm not really sure at what point I should be worried. It's so weird. It came out of nowhere and now it's refusing to go away. Grr!


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Sounds like you have sciatica (sp?) I've had it on and off for the past few years. Unfortunately, you needs at least a 600mg dose of ibuprofin to have it help much. Try heating pads.

If your back also hurts, you might want to be checked out for a slipped or burst disc. I had that too and sciatica is a side effect of those conditions.

I have a really bad problem with my sciatic nerve, the pain is so often unbearable, and today I am starting a new job because I can no longer afford to be out of work. The Dr that has treated me only prescribed Prednisone for me, and to much avail it is not working. Another Dr has prescrbed Naproxen Sodium which is the same thing as Aleve, it doesn't help much either. If someone could tell me what the best thing to take for this awful pain I would be sincerely thankful.

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