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Mailbox Melodrama

This morning I was awoken by a loud pounding knock on my door. I threw on a my nightgown and went to answer it. My mailman was standing there with a certified letter for me. I signed on all of the lines and wished him a good morning.

Close my door, tear open the letter.

It seems that the Chief Financial Officer at the company I was talking about back on May 21st is a little peeved.

It appears that a posting to your Weblog contains comments that are both inaccurate and disparaging to XXX and XXX's CEO XXX. Since I am sure you did not create such comments yourself and do not want such opinionated gossip to remain associated with you, I believe it would be in our mutual best interests if you removed this posting.

I started laughing shortly after starting to read. Whatever it is that they have an issue with is in the comments, I didn't write it. Take it up with whomever it was that left it. I haven't ever edited comments around here.

I think I'm going to add a little "comments are the opinions of the commenter" kind of thing to my comments template. Just on the off chance they decide to pursue this, that way I'm covered.

It was just one of those "I'm so blogging this" kind of moments. I kind of want to call them up just to tell them that.


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Have you done some google searches to try and find out how on earth they found one bizarre comment like that? (wiggles fingers together in front of her face) Hmmm, mysterious...

On not editing comments: I remember back when I felt that way. Ah, the good ol' days of blogging. I wish there was a way to relive them, but short of going anonymous on a new blog I can't think of one. Damn, makes me jealous. :)

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