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More Questions

A certain half-elf asked me a bunch of questions and as today is my day off, and I'm procrastinating about writing a letter to my boss, I'll answer them!

Standard rules apply, you've all seen this meme by now right? I don't need to repeat them?

1. If you could have any career you wanted (other than the one you have
now), what would it be?
Any career? Any at all? Or a plausible other career? Well a plausible other career would be an ASL interpreter. I've actually done that in the past, and if I were certified that's probably what I'd be doing now instead of directing full time. But when one isn't certified there is very little job security!

As for dream job... oh boy... that's a toughie. When I was little I always wanted to be a zookeeper. I'd probably still like that quite a bit! Or an actor, one that makes a living at it. Not a starving one.

2. Who's your favorite Beatle and why? Um... ah... Paul? Cuz he's cute and he's still alive I suppose.

3. What is the best line you've ever heard in a movie? As soon as I pick one and hit post I'm going to think of another one. For now I'll go with "Captain, my Captain" from Dead Poet's Society, at the end of the movie.

4. How many fingers am I holding up? Three!

5. Replace each of the following words with something equivalent from
your life: mad, sad, glad, had and bad.
mad=something unfair happening, sad=me off my meds, glad=that I have such wonderful friends, had=credit cards (I don't any more though!), bad=my OS! my 'puter's been freezing up a lot lately


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Doh! You were right on everything but the number of fingers. So close. Guess you don't win our prize. But we have some lovely parting gifts... ;p


Well don't keep me in suspense! What was the right answer?


My new English teacher wants us to call him Captain like in Dead Poets Society :)

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