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I'm feeling so "in over my head" right now. There's so much that I need to get done in the next two weeks and I haven't the faintest idea of where to start.

I'm so very excited about going (and getting more so all the time) but the logistics of getting there are freaking me out. I don't know what to do. I'm thrilled to death, but at the same time I'm scared and nervous and feeling very overwhelmed.

I need to find an apartment, and hire movers, and pack, and cancel all of my utility stuff here and get utility stuff there. But I can't get utility stuff until I get an apartment. I can't hire movers until I do that either. I have to tell my landlords that I'm leaving. I need to get travel cages for the birdies, and get the oil changed in my car (hi Dad) I need to find a new cell phone, and a new bank, and get a couple months worth of meds so I'll have plenty of time to find a new doctor out there. And once I find a new bank all of my automatic payment stuff needs to be changed.


I'm loosing my mind here.


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Hang in there it only takes five or six moves to get it right... If your bank has online banking you may not need to switch right away. Get a bank there and transfer funds as needed. Then you can say "Hey I must be a grownup. I've got two bank accounts."


hey girl... breathe in...breathe out...
let the web do all the work for ya!!if ya lived little closer would be there in a heartbeat!!! Try to make a list first.. that would be where I would start at..and yes.. Jr has a great idea that u can do all ur banking online. can even find a doc that way too... ask ur current one for a referral. found a website that has apartments in providence but not sure where ya wanna live at... so touch base with me will see what I can do....you will be fine!! time to ask ur buddies for some help.....


Hmmmm....sounds suspiciously like I was right. ;) Just slow down sweetie!! One step at a time! And if you need some help cleaning up stuff on this end even after you go, that's what I'm here for. I'd say this. Step #1....find an apartment. Then worry about the rest of it.
And I bet if you talk to your landlords, they can give you a heads up on when you need to get ahold of xcel to take care of utility stuff. I think the key is to not let it overwhelm you. Yeah, it's a lot of shit to do. But if you spend more time freaking out you're only going to make it worse, you know?? Don't give yourself an excuse not to deal. Give yourself a day or 2 to just relax if you need it, but don't wait til the last second. I'm sure there's lots of fairly easy solutions if you just deal with stuff instead of going "oh my gosh how am I ever going to do this!" you've got lots of folks around that are willing to help, and lots of people at the station that have been through this kind of move before....I'm sure Gil and Brooke would have all sorts of good advice. Hang in there!! (((((HUGS)))))

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