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Apparently I've broken my blogging bleh-ness...

Couple things that I'm going to throw out into the blogosphere for prayers, good thoughts, mojo, good vibes, whatever you prefer.

First thing is a custody mess with a relative. Something good with it should be happening today, so we're all praying that that remains true.

Second thing I talked about last year around this time. The parental units left on Saturday for Asia. They'll be there for about 6 weeks. I can't talk about a lot of the details here, but of all the traveling they do, this is the trip that makes me the most nervous. I know that they're with people who know the area and know how to be safe, but no matter how much my head knows, I still get nervous about the whole thing.

So I'm just throwing all of that out there.


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well..you know your mom and dad are always in my thoughts..((hugs))

Many thoughts and prayers for your family. :)

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