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Well, I went to Urgent Care and saw a very nice doctor. She said it doesn't look like I have anything nasty wrong like a ruptured disc. Sometimes people's backs just start hurting and sometimes it spreads all down this really long nerve that goes down your leg called the Sciatic Nerve.

She gave me prescriptions for a pain reliever and a muscle relaxer. I took one of each and I'm just kinda waiting to see if they work or not. Here's hoping.

Syn is being wonderful and going in to work for me so I think I'm going to be spending the rest of the day doing some literal navel-gazing, if not figurative.


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I'm glad you're okay. I hope you start feeling better soon. :)


I do not envy you the upcoming plane ride with this going on. I can't imagine trying to get comfy on my own couch with that going on, let alone in a modern sardine can with wings (don't mind me, it's all the flying from the India trip still haunting me).

But the interview will be worth it, just relax and let the meds do their job. *Good thoughts*

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