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Television Happenings

ABC has a new drama this fall Threat Matrix. I've been forced to endure their ridiculous promos ad nauseum for the past couple months and wasn't too impressed. But I figured I'd at least watch the first episode and see if it's any good.

The show itself... not sure yet. However, I had the lovely surprise of finding out that one of the supporting actors is Deaf! And she's playing a hot, smart, kick butt kind of gal. Very cool.

One little nit though... they're making it like her co-workers know ASL so they understand her when she signs. However, no one interprets for her and they're all talking WAAAAAAYYY too fast and switching who's talking too fast in big groups. Very hard to lip read in that kind of situation. It is all very high tech, latest toys, kind of place; so maybe they're running speech recognition software on everyone and it spits out on her computer screen? That's the only thing I can think of.

I shall be watching in any case!


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Did you notice the Pretender conection in there?? Jamie Denton played Mr. Lyle and then the waitress who indentified the terroist was also in a Pretender episode


hmm...going to have to check this out too. ;)

Yeah, I heard about that show with the supporting actress who is deaf. Her uncle sent e-mail to Deaf Times last week and they sent that information to me.

Wondering if this show would be good......hmm.

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