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Time Travel

Just so's you know, I wrote this post this morning around 7:30 or 8. Now you know!

This totally rocks my socks. I'm sitting in the Providence airport on a lovely wifi hotspot thanks to TMobile.

I'm sitting at my gate. I'm going to be sitting here for at least another hour before my plane boards so I figured I'd at least try to write something. I was writing this in notepad, but my wifi card just managed to find the internet so now I'm writing it here instead!

I never had time to go geocaching. Or more accurately I would have had time, but I spent most of Wednesday in my hotel room waiting for dudely man to call me and tell me when I'd be interviewing and what I should do to get to the station. He didn't call until 2:30pm. So I would have had plenty of time since I got up at 9ish to just sit, and wait, and wait. Ack! I should have just called and asked him, but I'm such a chicken when it comes to that kind of stuff. I hate calling people. E-mail or blog comments I'm all good, but the phone freaks me out. Go figure. So I brought Elmo the Tbug all the way out here with me only to take him back home again! I'll have to find a good place to leave him back home.

Interview went ok I guess. I'm horrible at reading these kind of things. Let's see... Dudely man came and picked me up at my hotel around quarter to 3. I got myself all dressed up (even put on makeup!) and he took me to the station. We talked for a bit in his office and then he gave me the grand tour of the place. Not the sales and promotions and such, since those areas are pretty boring, but the studio, control room, engineering, tape room, all that stuff.

There was another candidate there at the same time. That was weird. He seemed quite a bit older than me (I'm guessing mid-30's) and has directed at all kinds of different places. Made me feel like a little kid playing with the grown-ups.

It's an interesting setup. It's a duopoly so they run both the Fox and CBS affils out of the one building. News on both channels. CBS has news solid from 5 'till 6:30 and we both stayed to watch all of that. Fox has an hour of news at 10 and then CBS has 35 minutes at 11.

The shows are really fast paced with lots of effects and graphics and opens. Very fun. Looks like it'd be a challenge compared to what I'm doing now, but I'm more than ready to be challenged again! Right now at work I tend to find myself slipping into habits and just sailing through the day without really having to think too much.

Well, no, that's not entirely accurate. I do have to think, and it is hard sometimes. But for the most part I'm very comfortable with what I do and most of the time I can float through the day on autopilot. I love it when my producer scripts stuff fast and changing and hard. Those transitions that when we're through it I catch my breath and say "good job everybody". I don't get those often enough any more.

We talked some more after the shows. He wanted to know how much time it would take me, assuming he offered me the job, to get out there. That's a good sign right?

Oh, and their master control is hubbed too. But it actually works well for them! So it is possible to have that hubbed and everything not crash and burn. I wonder what that's like?

So that's where we're at. I should know something either way within a couple days.

Last thing... I have a phone interview tonight with a whole 'nother station! (I'm just so popular.)

I've always had a tendancy to think I'm not good at anything, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary, and it really makes me feel good to know that these people think I'm good enough to want to call me, to interview me. I know that the only way I'll really believe I'm good at things is to decide within myself that I am, but it sure does help to have outside people tell me too! (no I'm not fishing for compliments!) The things my family and friends say are wonderful, but I tend to think they're not very objective. Ack! I have issues!

Really wasn't meaning to get so deep and rambly here, but I'm going on very little sleep and I don't really have anything else to do. So I'm rambling! And you're the lucky people that get to read it.

Update: Tmobile no longer rocks my socks. Just when I hit “save” it decided to redirect me to a site where I have to purchase time on the network. It would appear that they let you on for half on hour to get you excited and then say you have to pay to continue what you were doing. Grrr! That’s not nice! If they’d said up front I had to pay that’d be one thing. But it masquerades as free and then part way through decided it’s not. So… you probably won’t be reading this until I get home this afternoon! But I wrote this this morning. So it’s like a window into the past… yeah, that’s it!


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