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We Interupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging...

To bring you this special report.

In about three weeks I'm going to be in Rhode Island starting a new job!

The interview I went on last week became a job offer yesterday, and me accepting it today.

I'm excited, and nervous, and overwhelmed. But mostly I'm really happy!

Hopefully the moving will go smothly, but don't worry. I'll keep everyone updated as much as I can.

*dances around squealing*


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I'm So happy for you!


Good things come for those that go out and get it. You got it!




ABSOULTY AWESOMMEEEEEE WAAY TO GO GIRL YOU ROCK!! Now comes the really really fun part... Happy for ya but sad ur leaving the midwest..show'em whatcha got!!!



way to go!!! *joins in on the dance*


Many congratulations!!! Good luck and may the Force be with you.

Wow! Good for you!! Touchdown for team you!! :)

CONGRATS! I'm happy for you! R.I. is not that far from Rochester. Maybe we could get a chance to meet in person someday.

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