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Coming Soon to a Blog Near You...

Will be a cable modem!

I signed the lease on my apartment today and called the local cable company to find out how long it'd take to get me hooked up. If I install it myself, I can be rockin' and rollin' by the end of business tomorrow. WooHoo! Back to the land of decent connections I go.

I didn't think it was possible to miss my always on, broadband speed connection this much.

So tomorrow night I'll finally be able to catch up with everyone and upload a bunch of pictures and be back to normal. Woot!

And in work related news... I directed the entire 6pm tonight! Pretty much without incident too. I only needed help in a couple spots. We're on the way.


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Way to Go on the 6 pm... congrats congrats!!!!


Just to let you know, we're on that new system at work now so if you don't want anyone lurking you may need to update that stuff again!! Hope you're having a good night!

glad to hear from you got your Connection back! Way to go on the 6pm show! :)


You still alive??


Hey you!! Are you around?? I was guessing maybe your cable modem wasn't cooperating, but I haven't seen you around at all or talked with you since Thursday....me being a little paranoid. I hope everything's ok....just sent you a note on your cell phone. Call me or something, ok!!! (((((HUGS))))) MISS YOU!!!!

Wondering in WI ;)

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