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First Day

My brain hurts.

I'm kinda overwhelmed but I like it. I'm liking one of the people training me (Extra R's) but the other one (Laid Back) is kinda hard to figure.

I have my own desk so Huahh will be coming to work with me tomorrow to live at his new house.

This all just feels so strange. I feel like I'm on some weird vacation, not that I've moved. Can it really be that I live here now? Maybe once I find an apartment (hopefully soon!) it'll start to feel more real. Right now it just feels like some really weird dream. Just watching the shows today was odd. I kept having this thought, "They didn't really mean to hire me did they? They're going to figure it out and send me packing any day now."

But I've also been having flashes of "I can do this" I just gotta focus on that part of it and not the other stuff. Some of it seems really hard, but then there's other parts that I think I can handle. So I build on the parts I think I can deal with and go from there right?

I know I keep repeating myself, but this is all just so strange! It's such a new experience for me. But I think I really am doing ok.


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