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Law & Order & Fire

This is interesting. I'm watching my tape from tonight's prime time shows and I just got to the Law & Order episode. It's about a fire at a night club. Heh, "Ripped from the Headlines" is right.

At the very beginning of the show a crawl ran at the bottom of the screen saying that tonight's episode was about a nightclub fire and it may be disturbing to some viewers.

I had no idea until I got here, but that huge nightclub fire was in one of the Providence suburbs. It's very odd. To me that whole thing was just a story from work. Didn't really think about it. But everyone here has stories about it. Apparently they were on the air for hours and hours when it happened. The aerials from that night were shot by the station I'm working for now. The video that I'm sure everyone's seen from inside the club as it burned? That was shot by a photog from my new station who just happened to be there that night.

Life is strange.


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